May 17, 2022, 3:56 am

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Black market including rice seized by NSI

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Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj /


NSI has arrested a black marketeer named Shahed Ali along with 400 kg VGD rice from Mashulia area of ​​Habiganj suburb. He was later handed over to Sadar police station along with rice.

NSI and Sadar police raided the area around 3pm on Monday and arrested Shahed, 45, while he was smuggling rice. He is the son of the late Abdul Mukit of Poil village.

According to the police, a group organized for a long time is selling food-friendly rice to the poor on the black market without distributing it properly. They have an influential syndicate under their umbrella. As always, they are out of reach. Earlier also, NSI and police seized huge quantity of VGD rice from different areas including Habiganj and Lukra but their godfather could not be caught. The locals claim that if their godfather is caught, the sale of rice on the black market will stop.

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