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Billions of rupees of government revenue is being deprived A multi-storey illegal building has been constructed on the railway land at Syedpur in Nilphamari

Abu Hasan, Nilphamari: Syedpur Railway Factory was established in 1870. And the city of Syedpur emerged around this factory. The city of Syedpur, the northern gateway, has been called the city of industry since British times. With the construction of the country’s largest railway factory, the entire municipal area was covered by railway land. From the very beginning, without following the rules and regulations, the industrial establishments including the homestead shops have been built as they are. Hundreds of Australasians also grew up illegally without caring about the eviction scare. In place of the occupied railways, trade, commerce and industry flourished. But ordinary people including businessmen are not relieved.

The town of Syedpur in the northern district of Nilphamari stands on eight hundred and fifty acres of land. And about eight hundred acres of these lands are the property of the railways. Taking advantage of the irregularities and mismanagement of the administration, about five hundred acres of railway property, including the railway quarters, have been taken over by influential people. Most of which are multi-storey illegal buildings. It has been alleged that this situation has arisen due to unbridled corruption of a few officers / employees of the property of the country’s largest Syedpur Railway Factory, which has been given city allowance and divisional western status during the British rule.

As a result, the range of railway property is shrinking day by day due to illegal occupation. Even though the political ideology of some influential leaders is different, all of them have become like garlic cloves and have been busy taking advantage of the occupiers to sort their own sugarcane. On the other hand, there is no place for the businessmen and industrial entrepreneurs of the municipality. Although the industrial factories built on these lands have enriched the few people of the region economically, the railways are being deprived of crores of rupees every moment. On the other hand, the locals are at risk of the collapse of these unplanned multi-storey buildings built on the railway property.

Motaleb Hossain, a local resident, said that the influential people are looting the property of the present railway by showing their old finger. Illegal occupiers are much more powerful. They have built multi-storied buildings with underground in place of railways by evading the government. Even the influential people are enjoying the government’s property worth around Tk 5,000 crore by occupying it as their own father. The administration has not paid any attention to this. The government is losing crores of rupees in revenue from these properties at every moment. Hon’ble railway friendly government seems to be paying attention to the eviction of illegal occupants of Syedpur. By freeing the possession of the influential people, he leases the helpless poor equally. I think the government’s revenue will increase by crores of rupees. This revenue will help in the development of railways as well as create employment for the poor and small traders.

Nuruzzaman, the executive magistrate of the railway, conducted an eviction drive in Syedpur to save the railway property from the recent aggression. The eviction drive lasted for three days and recovered about 31 acres of ditches, canals, ponds and some amount of land and imposed a fine of Tk 32 lakh from the illegal occupants. Among them the city’s martyr Dr. Imtiaz Coral’s illegally constructed 6-storey building next to Syedpur Press Club on Jikrul Haque Road was confiscated and auctioned for Tk 6 lakh. Even the time to remove the building is tied to one month. But even though there is talk of removal, the construction work of the building has not stopped. The construction work is being carried out by doubling the money of this auctioned building.

Talking to Abu Naser Babu Chowdhury, who received the auction, on his mobile phone, he said, “The martyr’s family and some government party leaders are not allowing me to demolish the building.” They are showing me different fears. Awami League general secretary Mohsin is telling me you don’t need to go there, father. I’ll push you. Imtiaz, the owner of the illegally constructed building, tried to contact Prabal but could not find him. When the manager in charge of the building was asked to remove the building, the manager said, “I don’t know anything about it.” My responsibility is to build the building. I am doing so. I heard the auction has been removed?

The councilor of ward no. 08 of Saidaipur municipality said, “Even though there is a policy to pass the design of building construction from the municipality, who cares.” The construction work of the building is going on by occupying the railway property by showing party influence including Mama, Khalu and uncle. We can’t say anything to anyone because of the vote. We have to be elected by their votes.

Kanungo Ziaur Rahman of Parbatipur Railway Real Estate Department said on his mobile phone, “We want to recover the railway property.” But Parina could not threaten to kill some leaders and activists. However, a few days ago, Executive Magistrate Nuruzzaman Sir fined Tk 32 lakh, including the recovery of about 31 acres of ditches, ponds and some lands. Almost in the building instead of the railway. Rs 6 lakh has been auctioned for the removal of a newly constructed 6-storey building. But I heard that work is going on there without removing it. How do we go about the threat of death.

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