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Beginning of CMM court in Rangpur

Salina Khatun, Rangpur: Judicial proceedings of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court have started in Rangpur. The Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RPMP) started its journey on September 17, 2016. After two long years and 10 months, the proceedings of the CMM court started.

Judge AH Ahsanur Haque officially started the official and judicial proceedings of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court at noon on Thursday (July 15). The judicial proceedings of this court will be conducted by three judges and ten employees.

Judicial activities of six police stations of Rangpur Metropolitan Police will be conducted in this court. The six police stations are Kotwali, Tajhat, Mahiganj, Haragachh, Parashuram, and Hazirhat. The Metropolitan Police has two police outposts (Dhap and Nawabganj) in addition to six police stations covering an area of 240 sq km.

Khairpur Alam, administrative officer of Rangpur Chief Judicial Court and (additional) officer in charge of CMM court, confirmed the information.

He said that in the morning, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate AH Ahsanur Haque was received by Rangpur Chief Judicial Magistrate Shawkat Ali with flowers. After that, the judicial proceedings started and various officials greeted Ahsanur Haque warmly.

At this time, the Metropolitan Magistrate. Jahangir Alam, Metropolitan Magistrate. Al-Mehboob and the judges of the Chief Judicial Court were present.

Leaders of the Rangpur Bar Association hope that the complexity of the case will be reduced as the judicial proceedings of the much-coveted CMM court begin. The president of the organization Abdul Malek and general secretary Abdul Haque Pramanik said that the suffering of the people will be reduced with the commencement of judicial proceedings.

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