August 10, 2022, 4:54 pm

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Bangladesh rejected the US request to give place to the ally

Special Correspondent :

The United States has requested Bangladesh to provide temporary accommodation to some US allies in Afghanistan.

However, the Bangladesh government has rejected the country’s request, the foreign minister told the media. AK Abdul Momen.

“The US administration has told us that they have a lot of friends in Afghanistan,” he said. The United States is relocating them to different countries. Bangladesh has given shelter to 11 lakh Rohingyas. Bangladesh has a reputation as a shelter. As a result, they have requested for temporary shelter for these Afghan citizens.

Abdul Momen added, “We asked them in which countries they were being given asylum. The United States could not name the countries. Asked how many Afghans have been asked for asylum for how long, they said they should be granted temporary asylum. After hearing all this, we have said that we are struggling with the Rohingyas. As a small country, our population is also high. It is not possible for us to give shelter to anyone new.

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