June 22, 2021, 8:12 pm

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Bangladesh does everything it can to win: India’s coach

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Neighboring Bangladesh and India will meet in an important match of the World Cup and Asian Cup on Monday at 8 pm Bangladesh time. Coaches have a lot to say about the opposing team before any important match. The Indian coach has already said. But he called the Bangladesh team ‘annoying’. However, he said this while praising.

“There are some annoying teams in the world of football,” India coach Eger Steamch told a pre-match press conference. Those who manage the defense very hard and play well annoy the opponent. That’s exactly what we did against Qatar. “

Sunil Chhetri’s coach did not make a mistake in saying that he is confident of India’s victory in Monday’s match. “The match against Bangladesh is very important for the team and the supporters,” he said. We are going to win the match. This does not mean that we are disrespecting the opponent. From the beginning, our goal is to get a place in the 2023 Asian Cup. ‘

Earlier, the first leg match of the qualifying round was drawn 1-1 in Kolkata. Bangladesh took the lead in the first half through Saad Uddin’s goal by playing counter-attack based football. Defender Adil Khan’s goal at the end of the match brought the hosts back to parity. Bangladesh is good at handling team defenses. That is also well known to India’s coach Igre. “In football, you try everything you can to upset the opposition,” he said. Don’t give them a chance to pass to bother. Bangladesh is also working for each point. But whatever they do, they do as a team. He does it to win. ‘

Before the match, Bangladesh practiced in Dhaka but India practiced in Doha. Even then, the Indian coach is keeping Bangladesh ahead in preparation. “Even Bangladesh, like us, is worried about preparation, but their players are more fit for competitive matches,” Iger said. Because they played league matches until the second week of May. Most of the players in my team have not played since February. ‘

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