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Bangabandhu’s blood debt must be repaid: PM

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Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated her commitment to build a golden Bangladesh of hunger and poverty free and prosperous dreams. He said that through this he will repay the blood debt of the father of the nation.

He made the remarks in a video message on a virtual platform organized by the National Implementation Committee to celebrate the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the occasion of National Mourning Day on Tuesday (17 August 15).

The Prime Minister presided over the discussion titled ‘Strength from grief, awakening from grief’. The Prime Minister said, “The Father of the Nation has tied our blood debt with the blood of the people of this country. Our only goal is to repay this blood debt. ‘

Sheikh Hasina said, “The sacrifice of the father of the nation can never go in vain. Our only goal is to pay off his blood debt. Bangladesh must be built as a prosperous and prosperous golden Bengal free from the hunger and poverty of the father of the nation. And with that promise, we follow that ideal. ‘

The Prime Minister said, ‘I have lost everything. I know the pain of losing is very painful. I am enduring that hardship and working towards a goal. The goal is to change the fate of the people of this country by turning that grief into strength. Inshallah we will build this Bangladesh as the father of the nation, free from hunger and poverty, developed, prosperous, golden Bangladesh. The dream of the country that my father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamed of will come true inshallah. ‘

Paying homage to the memory of the martyrs of August 15, the Prime Minister said, “National Mourning Day is a day of mourning for us, a day of suffering.” But it is a day of losing everything for the Bengali nation.

He prayed for the forgiveness of the souls of those who were martyred by the brutal bullets of the assassin on August 15, 1975 and prayed for them. Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is an independent country. Responding to the call of the Father of the Nation, the people of this country took up arms and liberated the country. We got freedom in exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs.

The Prime Minister also paid homage to 3 million martyrs and 200,000 mothers and sisters of the Liberation War.

Referring to the miserable people of this country who have been subjected to lifelong exploitation and deprivation, the Prime Minister said the Father of the Nation had dedicated his life for the liberation of those who have been subjected to exploitation, deprivation, oppression and torture. The only goal of the Father of the Nation was to liberate the people of Bengal from the shackles of subjugation and give them a better life. He wanted to make the lives of the hungry and hungry men and women of this country, who are wearing torn clothes, who are deprived of the light of education and treatment, a better life. So, he dedicated his life for the welfare of the people of Bengal, for their economic liberation. Freed from hunger and poverty, the Bengali nation should be able to keep its head high in the world court. But, the father of the nation did not want anything in his life.

Recalling that a large part of the life of the Father of the Nation was spent in jail while fighting for the rights of the people of Bengal, the Prime Minister said the Father of the Nation had spent the most precious time of his life in the dark cells of the jail. He was repeatedly tried for murder, tried for murder by hanging, and harassed with false charges. However, he did not deviate from his ideals, despite the fact that he had been harassed or tried for murder.

Sheikh Hasina said she has struggled for the liberation of the people of Bengal and by responding to her call, Bengalis have got independence, identity, dignity, a territory and a country.

Referring to the reconstruction of war-torn Bangladesh during the 44-month rule of the Father of the Nation, the Prime Minister said she was building a war-torn country in just three and a half years. In such a short period of time, he built a war-torn country and successfully worked for the economic liberation of the people and made Bangladesh a least developed country. If he could have implemented the program he had undertaken calling for national unity for economic emancipation, the people of Bengal would have been able to achieve a better life by getting rid of hunger and poverty through their democratic rights and economic emancipation. But the assassins did not let that happen.

The Prime Minister said those who did not want independence, did not want the victory of the Bengalis, brutally killed him and some people even cheated and made profits – this is the most unfortunate thing for us. He said that he and his younger sister (Sheikh Rehana) survived the tragedy of August 15, 1975, but lost the right to return to the country.

Sheikh Hasina said, she did not allow us to come (to the country). They had to live in exile as refugees, changing their identities.

Recalling her forced return to the country after being elected president of the Awami League in Bangladesh in 1981, the Prime Minister said, “I got the opportunity to return to the country in 1981. I left my little boy and girl with Rehana and moved to Bangladesh. “I came back with only one goal – the ideal that my father fought for,” he said. The father of the nation has given his blood for the liberation of the people of that country. My mother has given blood, my brothers, millions of martyrs have given blood. My only goal was to change the destiny of the people of that country.

Sheikh Hasina said, “I have followed the example of the father of the nation in the development of Bangladesh since I got the opportunity to form the government after 21 long years of struggle.” Bangladesh, which was left as a least developed country by the father of the nation, is now recognized as a developing country.

Per capita income has risen to 2,227, Bangladesh has gained a status in the world in terms of economic development. We have been able to reduce the poverty rate, from 45 percent to 20 percent. Today, the average life expectancy has risen to 72 years.

The Prime Minister reiterated her political commitment to address all the landless and homeless people in the country by making them homeless.

“Our goal is that not a single person in this country will be afflicted with poverty and not a single person will be landless,” he said. The Father of the Nation took up the program of distributing khas land and building houses for the poor through the ‘Guchhgram’ program – we have decided on the centenary of his birth that no more people will be homeless in Bangladesh. So we are building houses.

Mentioning that her government’s medical services have reached the doorsteps of the people and brought the light of education to the doorsteps by achieving literacy of about 64% of the people, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh today is a wonder of development all over the world.

Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader, former Chairman of Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) Prof Abdul Mannan, Chairman of Bangladesh Awami Juba League Sheikh Fazle Shams took part in the discussion.

Prominent actress and former state minister Tarana Halim conducted the program which was aired on Bangladesh Television.

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