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Awami League is not just a political party, it is a feeling. Lion M Showkat Ali

Chattogram Correspondent: Lion M Showkat Ali. he is currently the convener of Awami League in 12 no Sarai Para ward, and Pahartali Thana Awami League general secretary, Lion M Showkat Ali.
He has been associated with Chhatra League since his student life. Former successful mayor Alhaj ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury was involved in politics with the help of Lion M ShowKat Ali the daily Morning Glory said about some important social discussions.
He life members Chattogram Lion Club, I want to do something like presenting the Bangladesh Awami League to the world, so that everyone knows my golden Bengal. I have recited the above words in my mind tens of thousands of times.
Maybe there are many like me. Moreover, I have expressed this expression  desire of mine in front of many people close to me. The passion, love of millions of people in the country like me and every Bangladeshi is enviable and to be followed. Given the opportunity, to do something for the country, to present Bangladesh as a model on the world map is an indomitable desire that every Bangladeshi holds in his mind-soul, in every blood cell, in every heartbeat.
Man is a socialized being. All the success of the individual is centered on the society. The wholeness of man depends on the recognition in the society. But if people live in groups, it does not become a society. If every human being lives in the invisible bond of rules and discipline by extending a helping hand as much as possible for the welfare of each other, that community is called a society. One of the responsibilities of human beings is to keep this society alive and move it forward.
In one society rich, poor, helpless people live. Society with educated and uneducated people. Social service,  human service is to extend a helping hand to the backward people in the society. But how is the man next door? Today we do not have time to ask such questions. Gradually we are becoming mechanical. This is having a negative impact on the society. So it is important to change our thinking  attitude.
When we look at our society, we always see different types of inequalities, which is sad but true. Despite the touches of the modern world in the country, we could not get out of the old-fashioned society. Superstitions from the ancient social system are eating away at all kinds of taboos. Not giving up. Looking at class inequality, it can be seen that even though a poor man of the society is educated, talented and capable of giving leadership, our capitalist society does not give this man a chance and leaves him behind, that poor-talented boy is huge for the Country He could have contributed – by not allowing him to do so, by keeping him barred / deprived, the progress of the country was obstructed. On the other hand, a wealthy person is given the responsibility of leadership by the society even though he does not have the talent and leadership skills, which is a threat to our society. We have to think about this society. We have to dream about society.
All kinds of people live in a society irrespective of rich and poor. Those who are in good financial condition can enjoy all kinds of opportunities, but those who are poor and helpless in the society are forced to accept the hard life of misery for the sake of luck. There is no happiness in self-centered survival. This creates a narrow boundary of self-centeredness around oneself and one’s family. There is real happiness in living selflessly for the society, for the country. So let’s join a platform for the rich, the poor, the peasants, the workers, the students, the youth, the people of all classes and save the country,
the people of the country. Bangladesh Oikya Pati is going to be that platform. When a person does not receive proper education, his influence falls on the society.
That is why we need to get the right education. It is good to remember one thing, it does not take age to think about society, it requires thinking and mentality. If you are busy only with yourself, there will be no change in the society. You have to think about the people around you.It is not possible to move society forward without change. So we all need to awaken social values. lnstead of a narrow and self-centered attitude, one should cultivate an attitude of generosity / generosity.
 It is possible to change life, society and country by changing the attitude. So come on I joined the Bangladesh Awami League with a vow to change the country by changing my attitude.

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