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August 15 A black chapter in world history : Quader

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Awami League General Secretary Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said that a section of the country and the nation, which has been identified as a beneficiary of the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is still involved in conspiracies. Even today, they are living in the nightmare of seizing state power in undemocratic and unconstitutional ways.

In a statement on Friday, he further said that the insidious mahal is constantly trying to mislead the nation by shamelessly presenting false information. However, overcoming all obstacles, Sheikh Hasina has been able to establish the Bengali nation as a dignified nation in the court of the world today.

Obaidul Quader called upon the leaders and workers of the party and allied fraternal and socio-cultural organizations and the people of the country to adhere to the proper hygiene norms of the program announced by the Awami League on the days of August including National Mourning Day.
He said that August 15, 1975 marked a black chapter in the history of the world. The assassins did not stop killing Bangabandhu and his family on that day, the Zia-Mushtaq clique involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Bangabandhu seized the state power in an unconstitutional way and issued an abominable indemnity ordinance to stop the trial of Bangabandhu’s assassination.

The Awami League general secretary said BNP founder Ziaur Rahman harbored the murderers of the father of the nation through abuse of state power and rewarded them with jobs in various embassies. However, after a long struggle, the rule of law was established in the country under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. He brought the killers of Bangabandhu to justice and freed the Bengali nation from stigma by executing the death sentence through a constitutional process. The process of executing the court verdict by bringing back the murderers of Bangabandhu who had fled to different countries is continuing.

He further said that August 15 is not only a day of mourning for the Bengali nation, but also a day of saving energy. Bangabandhu Kanya has transformed the grief of the entire nation into strength today through ideological struggle and efficient leadership. Due to Sheikh Hasina’s strong leadership, relentless hard work and sound management, the trend of development and progress of Bangladesh has continued even during the Corona Epidemic.

On the National Mourning Day, Obaidul Quader called for prayer mahfils in all mosques of the country and special prayers in temples, pagodas, churches and other religious places of worship across the country.

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