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Attempted suicide of 4 women at Sylhet Rehabilitation Center

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Sylhet Bureau :

Four women have attempted suicide at a training and rehabilitation center for socially disabled girls run by the Department of Social Services in Sylhet. On Thursday afternoon, they broke the glass of the center window and tried to commit suicide by randomly chopping their hands.

Authorities rescued a teenager and three young women in a bloody condition and admitted them to Osmani Medical College Hospital. Delwar Hossain, a trainer in charge of the rehabilitation center’s store for a long time, and Anwara Begum, an office assistant, were tortured and wanted to commit suicide, they said.

Four people undergoing treatment at Osmani complained that trainer Delwar and office assistant Anwara regularly tortured them physically and mentally. Anwara has also beaten their shoes at different times. Delwar treated them badly around 11 a.m. Thursday; Said obscene talk. He said that he wanted to commit suicide as he could not bear the torture and humiliation of the two for a long time.

The four suicide bombers said that at present, all but two of the 40 residents at the center are teenagers. Recently a young woman resident of the center committed suicide by poisoning; For which there will be Shirni ceremony on Friday. On Thursday, four people tried to commit suicide after Delwar misused the head.

However, the accused Delwar Hossain claimed that the trainees cut off their hands at the slightest provocation. More than once they have done so. He said they wanted additional allocations for the Shirni ceremony. They did not want to hear about the store not having extra allocations.

The other accused tried to contact Anwara Begum but she did not pick up the phone. Similarly, Lutfur Rahman, the assistant manager in charge of the training and rehabilitation center, did not pick up the phone.

Meanwhile, on July 22, a two-month-old and 11-day-old child was killed at the Chhotamani residence run by the Department of Social Services in Bagbari. Police arrested Aya Sultana Ferdousi Siddique on August 12 after examining CCTV footage of the incident. Exhausted by the crying of the ignorant child, Aya Sultana first threw him on the bed and suffocated him to death with a pillow. After that, the concerned people tried to cover up the incident but the police collected CCTV footage of the residence and examined it. Although Aya Sultana confessed in court, no action was taken to cover up the incident.

Unexpected incidents have taken place in another institution of the Department of Social Services in the midst of a brawl over child murder. On Thursday afternoon, the departmental and district level officials of the department including the deputy commissioner visited the training and rehabilitation center for socially disabled girls. During this time, the residents of the center lodged various complaints against those concerned.

Despite admitting to going to the center, Ranjan Das, deputy director of the Department of Social Services, Sylhet, told the media that no untoward incident had taken place during their stay. They promised to take action against the accused.

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