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Attempt to shoot and kill Salman Khan!

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Bollywood nephew Salman Khan was threatened with death last Sunday. When the actor’s father Selim Khan went out on a morning walk, he was given a threatening letter. The significance of the incident is further heightened when it is learned that none other than the notorious gangster Lawrence Vishnu is threatening to kill Salman. The name of Vishnoi, a prisoner, has also come up in the murder of Muse Wala. Realizing the seriousness of the incident, the Mumbai Police and the Criminal Investigation Department of the police quickly started the investigation.

This is not a movie story. An attempt was made to assassinate Salman Khan recently. Although Salman Khan has survived for a while. A skilled shooter was assigned to shoot Salman in front of his house. He had a very modern small firearm. The killer was carrying a hockey stick bag.

The killer went very close to Salman but missed the opportunity at the last moment. The Indian media reported in the Times Network. It is learned that the killer came within an inch of Salman Khan. But at the last moment the deadly sharpshooter fell behind.

Lawrence Vishnui and his associates observed Salman and verified that he was cycling in the morning. It was planned that he would be shot dead at that time. But Salman was given a police accomplice when he left the house that morning. And the conspiracy was thwarted.

The Times Network reports that Salman Khan survived just one jolt.

The Mumbai Crime Branch’s probe into Salman Khan’s death threats seems to be moving fast. A team from the Mumbai Crime Branch has already arrived in Delhi, where they have stopped questioning Lawrence Vishnu’s team.

And some new information came up in that interrogation. It is learned that Salman was threatened by Lawrence’s gang. This threat was made on the instructions of Vikram Brar. That is what the police told the media.

Vikram is now in Canada. As he said, three people came to Mumbai on June 5 with an anonymous threatening letter. They all came to Mumbai and met Sourav Mahakal, police said. The Mumbai Crime Branch interrogated Saurabh for hours.

According to Mumbai Police sources, accused Sourav Mahakal said that Vishnu’s associate Vikram Barad took the letter to Selim Khan. The letter was sent to Salman Khan and his father Selim Khan on the instructions of jailed gangster Lawrence Vishnu. Three members of his gang came to Mumbai from Jalore in Rajasthan to deliver the letter.

Police said those who brought the letter had been identified. They will be arrested soon.

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