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At the end of the 65-day ban, fishermen started their journey in the sea to catch hilsa

Anower Hossain Anu: After a 65-day blockade in the Bay of Bengal, fishermen have gone to sea to hunt hilsa. They will return to the fishpond with silver hilsa in flocks from the sea. Good day will come back. Abab Onton will move. Action activity among fishermen. Such an expectation among all. However, in the meantime, the sea has become rough due to light pressure. Even in stormy weather, many trawlers have gone fishing in the sea before the ban was lifted. Many have returned to shore because of hostile weather. After a long 85-day defense, the weather has become a barrier in the midst of the excitement of going to sea in rows of hilsa hunts in the deep sea with new hopes. Even then, Jello refused to wait even for a moment. If the weather is favorable, hundreds of fishing trawlers will go to sea on Friday night to catch hilsa.

As a result, Patuakhali coastal fishing villages and fishing ports have become bustling. According to local and fishermen sources, the Fisheries Department has imposed a ban on fishing for 65 days from May 20 to July 23 for unrestricted breeding and conservation of marine fish. Throughout the year, the famine in Hilsa and the Corona’s catastrophic catastrophe were followed by the southern fishermen. Besides, the fishermen are also angry over the inadequate food aid provided by the government at this time. At the end of the long ban, fishermen will be caught in flocks of hilsa. All concerned are expecting the return of vitality to the warehouses of the coastal areas including the fishing port Alipur Mahipur. Meanwhile, the long-closed ice mills have also been reopened for ice production. However, there are allegations that many fishermen have managed the fisheries office and the concerned administration to catch fish in the sea.

There are several instances of fines being carried out during the siege. Fisherman Mosharraf said that the repair work of nets and trawlers was completed 15 days ago. Oil, ice and food items have been lifted in the trawler. He said they would go fishing in the sea at midnight. However, they are worried about the hostile weather. Md. Nizam Sheikh, president of Kuakata Ashar Alo Jale Cooperative Society, said the government had provided 58 kg of rice during the siege during the 65 days of the breeding season. The fishermen’s family does not survive. Therefore, he demanded the introduction of ration cards for fishermen during the blockade. Otherwise, the Fisheries Department will fail to make the blockade a success.

Kalapara Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer Apu Saha said 58,8 kg of rice was distributed to 16,305 registered fishermen during the ban. Besides, another 30 kg of rice will be distributed among the fishermen. Patuakhali District Fisheries Officer Mollah Mohammad Emdadullah said the 65-day blockade would end at midnight on Friday as per the government’s instructions. We are hopeful that fishermen will catch a lot of big hilsa fish this year. He told reporters that a joint force comprising RAB and Coast Guard was working to curb piracy to ensure safe fishing for fishermen.

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