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As a result of Yas, more than half a hundred villages in Barguna were flooded

Rasel Hawladar, Barguna: Under the pressure of cyclone Yas and full moon tides, the water of Barguna rivers is flowing above the danger level of 77 cm. More than half a hundred villages have been flooded in different parts of the district.

Thousands of people in these areas are in dire straits due to water entering their homes. Locals have complained that water has infiltrated into these areas due to low-height embankments as well as damaged and fragile dams.

In addition, due to high tide, the gangway including the connecting road of Bainchatki, Baraitala and Purakata ferries in Barguna has been submerged. As a result, the ferry service has also been stopped.

On the ground, it has been seen that the areas of West Gulbunia, Baraitala and Dhalbhanga in Barguna have been completely submerged. Thousands of people in these areas have been flooded. Several ponds in these areas have been washed away.

Patharghata East Rupdon area resident said. Shamsul Haque said the flood control dam had collapsed due to tidal pressure in the area. His house was also destroyed by the pressure of that water.

Baraitala area resident said. Nurul Islam said, we have nothing to say about the dam in this area. At high tide, our area is submerged. He also said that cooking would not be done in the houses of thousands of people in these areas due to the floods.

Moslem Ali, a resident of Padma village in Patharghata upazila, said the Padma area was the most vulnerable in Barguna district. There are no embankments here. Attempts are being made to stop the flow of river water here with Geo bags. But it is of no use. At least seven villages have been inundated by local water from here. It has flooded the fields, ponds and fish enclosures.

According to the District Water Development Board, 805 km of embankments were constructed in 22 polders in Barguna district from 1960 to 2000. Currently, 29 km of dams in the district are at risk.

Barguna Water Development Board water meter. Mahtab Hossain said that tidal water has flowed at a height of 3.32 meters in the rivers of Barguna today. Which is 77 cm above the danger line.

In this regard, Executive Engineer of Barguna Water Development Board Kaiser Alam said, 29 km of dams in different parts of the district are at risk. Due to high tide, local water has entered through these dams. Areas outside the dam have also been flooded due to high tides.

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