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Arrested in Rajbari with 47 bottles of foreign liquor-1

Sheikh Momin: A drug dealer named Nandan Kumar Saha, 42, of Narayanpur village in Rajbari’s Pangsha municipality’s 6th ward has been arrested along with 47 bottles of foreign liquor belonging to different bands, members of the Narcotics Control Department said. The accused Nandan Kumar Saha is the son of late Gopal Chandra Saha of the village.
Tanvir Hossain Khan, assistant director of the Rajbari Narcotics Control Department, said at noon on Wednesday, October 13, led by Inspector Dewan Md. Zillur Rahman of the Narcotics Control Department, Nandan Kumar Saha’s .A search of the house was conducted and 47 bottles of foreign liquor of different brands kept inside a large sack were recovered from the house of worship of the accused.
Nandan Kumar Saha alias Nanda, who was present in the house at the time, was arrested in Hatena. He had been dealing in foreign liquor for a long time. There are multiple drug cases against him. A regular case has been filed against the accused at Pangsha Police Station under the relevant section of the Narcotics Control Act 2018.

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