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ARB brick kiln has been operating illegally in Faridpur for five years

Rabiul Hasan Rajib, Faridpur: ARB briks vata, owned by Md. Zakir Hossain Siddiqui (Jewel), has been operating illegally for the last five years in Faridpur Sadar’s Ishan Gopalpur Union’s Dikrirchar Barkhada village. AHM Rashid, deputy director of the Faridpur district office of the environment department, said the brick kiln did not have a clearance from the environment department.
According to the rules for setting up a brick kiln, it is completely illegal to set up a brick kiln within one kilometer from an educational institution, homestead and three crop lands and according to section 12 of the Bangladesh Environmental Protection Act 1995, the clearance of the brick kiln environment department is mandatory. But this brick kiln is going on without heeding these rules and regulations.
On Wednesday (March 24, 2020), it was seen that ARB BRICS is located next to three crop lands and in a populated area. Adjacent to the brick field is the Decrechar Barkhada Government Primary School. The students of the school and the locals are being severely affected by the environmental pollution. Besides, the festival of cutting the soil of three crop lands is going on for this low tide. About 1/2 km away from Bhata, soil is being cut from the crop land of Dikrirchar Chandpur village of Khankhanapur union in Rajbari Sadar. The soil is being cut at low tide with ARB Bricks’ own drum trucks. This is creating dust and sand in places.
The locals said, you make news about the matter. We can no longer stay in the area. We have to live with dust and sand. You go to our bed and see that it is full of dust. It is difficult to eat food, even the pots and pans are filled with dust and sand. The owner of this ebb is very influential. He is a resident of Tepakhola in Faridpur city. When we protest, some local influential people use bullies to intimidate us.
At that time, the owner of the brick kiln Md. Zakir Hossain Siddique (Jewel) told reporters on his mobile phone in Cancer language, I have all the documents. What is your problem?
Asked if the ARB brick kiln has a clearance from the environment department, AHM Rashed, deputy director of the Faridpur environment department, told the Daily Morning Glory reporter that brick kiln did not have a clearance from the environment department.
Vata owner Md. Zakir Hossain Siddiqui (Jewel) first applied for clearance on 20/10/2018. I also gave him a letter twice as his application was incomplete. Besides, a letter was sent to the Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer for the first time on 2/4/2018 and for the second time on 31/12/2017 as there was no reply to the letter to check whether the brick kiln was set up on agricultural land or not. But till today Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer has not replied to the letter.
We could not work on the issue of clearance as the agriculture officer did not reply. He further said that since this brick kiln is adjacent to the educational institution, it can be said to be illegal. We will take necessary action against this brick kiln.

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