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Application of harmful drugs in crop fields at different places of Sadar Upazila Crops are being ruined in the palace Many farmers are sitting on the road

Kazi Tutul: Harmful to crop fields in different areas of Rajbari
district headquarters Crop destruction is occurring through the
application of drugs. Among the farmers, There is a lot of panic and anxiety.

A class of organized cycle nights Crops worth millions of takas are applied in the fields of crops growing in the dark Ruining, On the one hand, resources are being wasted and on the other hand, people are being harmed, Farmer.

On Sunday, he visited Gabla village of Basantapur union in Rajbari district headquarters. Yes, last Friday, 1 bigha of coffee, 2 bighas of Md. Mostafa Sardar, a farmer of that area Onion and half a bigha onion seedbed in the dark of night to kill harmful forest medicine Applies. As a result, the crops of those fields were completely destroyed.

Farmer Mostafa Sardar said he planted the field with a loan.
He has lost at least 10 lakh takas due to the destruction of these. In this Paying off debts is a big responsibility now. He is about this
He demanded proper investigation and trial of the incident by filing a complaint with Rajbari police station Does.

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of the area Md. Alamgir Khan said, farmer Mostafa Sardar’s The damage done to crop cannot be compensated in any way.

Speaking to locals, it is learned that Rafiq Sekh’s of the area only a week ago 2 bighas of land, the coffee land crop was destroyed by the application of medicine.

Besides, half a bigha of land belonging to Muktar Mollah of the same area belongs to Piyaz and Shihab Uddin. In the case of an onion field of half a bigha of land, similar pesticides were applied. Farmers are worried about the loss of crops in this way.

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