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Another 100 million people in the world could be affected by corona: WHO

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World Health Organization (WHO) Secretary-General Tedros Adhanam Gabriases fears another 100 million people could be infected with corona by 2022. The head of the World Health Organization expressed this concern after the release of 200 million people affected by corona in the world last week. He said that in the current scenario, the total number of patients diagnosed with corona worldwide could exceed 300 million next year. But we can overcome this situation. If we are all united, but the rich countries of the world are not behaving like that. Corona has affected 20 crore 64 lakh 35 thousand 491 people all over the world. 43 lakh 52 thousand 368 people died. Healthy 18 crore 52 lakh 59 thousand 962 people. News from the Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera and other websites.

Russia’s highest death toll
Russia is trying to tackle the Corona epidemic by speeding up its immunization program. But it is not working. Corona has recorded a second day of outbursts in the third phase of the outbreak. Russia has never had so many deaths in a single day before. According to official figures, 815 people died of Kovid-19 in Russia on Friday. With this, the total death toll in the country is 1 lakh 68 thousand 864, which is the highest in Europe. In addition, after more than 22 thousand infections, the total number of infected has exceeded 65 lakh 57 thousand. If an autopsy after the death of a Russian person detects the virus in his body, it is listed. That’s why the Russian statistics agency Rostat estimates that as of last June, more than three million people had died in Russia due to the corona. Russia is the fourth most affected country in the world in terms of patients identified as having coronary heart disease. The third wave of corona has started in the country since mid-June. The new outbreak is due to the highly contagious type of virus called Delta.

Children do not need a certificate –
Israel is one of the first people to start vaccination against coronavirus. Eighty-five percent of Israeli adults have already been vaccinated, according to the Washington Post. Corona infection is still on the rise in the country. The country is going to take new steps to handle this situation. Under the new rules, children above the age of three will have to show a corona ‘negative’ certificate in various cases. According to the decision of the Israeli authorities, if a three-year-old child has to go to school, swimming pool, hotel or gym, his corona must be tested. This rule will be effective from next week. Israel has introduced a ‘green pass’ for children 12 years of age and older. In this system, children of this age have to show their corona test certificate, vaccination certificate or corona recovery certificate when they go to the place covered by ‘Green Pass’ outside the house. From now on, the green pass system will be introduced for children above the age of three. Despite these initiatives, corona infection is on the rise in Israel. In this situation, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, children between the ages of 3 and 11 should be tested for coronary heart disease. It will start next Wednesday.

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