May 18, 2022, 4:45 pm

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Annoyance of scoundrels at the main gate of Habiganj School-College

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Staff Reporter, Habiganj :

After the school-college was closed in Corona for a long time, when it was reopened recently, the rioters started scattering at the main gates of various school colleges in Habiganj city. There is anxiety among the students and their parents. However, they complained that the school authorities were not taking cognizance of the issues. As a result, the number of scoundrels is increasing day by day.

Going to the spot, it was seen that talented youths from JK&HK High School, Habiganj Girls High School, BKGC Girls School, Shaistanagar were seen waiting for the main gate of the school with flowers and various gifts from 10 am to noon. Goes.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a group of talented JK & HK pushed the guard of the high school, opened the gate and entered the school. At this time there was panic among the students. Later, when the teachers came forward, the scoundrels fell to the ground. A few more such incidents have taken place at JK School. The parents of the students are seeking the intervention of the administration in this regard.

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