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Announcement of the movement till the BCL committee is canceled

Staff Reporter, Sylhet:

Protesting leaders and activists have announced a continuous movement to demand the cancellation of the partial committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan Chhatra League.

They made the announcement at a press conference at the Sylhet District Press Club on Wednesday (October 13th) at 4pm.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Central BCL announced the names of the president and general secretary of Sylhet district and metropolitan BCL.

The committee formed after 4 years, the new president of the Sylhet District BCL. Nazmul Islam and Rahel Siraj have become general secretaries.

On the other hand, Kishore Jahan Sourav has become the president of Sylhet Metropolitan Chhatra League and Naeem Hasan has become the general secretary.

After the announcement of this committee, anger spread among the deposed leaders and workers. On Tuesday afternoon, a section of the BCL staged a protest in the city demanding the cancellation of the committee. The protesters accused the central leaders of paying the committee in exchange for money.

Protesting leaders and activists held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to explain their position.

Shahriar Alam Samad, past committee president of the district BCL, read out a written statement.

In a written statement, he said, both the president and general secretary of the central student league are 1 crore 20 lakhs The committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan Chhatra League has announced the godfather of the accused in the rape case in the hostel of Sylhet MC College, which is widely discussed in the country and abroad in recent times. We, the BCL leaders and activists of Sylhet, are ashamed, extremely disappointed and confused. We hatefully reject this committee.

In a written statement, Samad further said, “Our parent organization Sylhet District and Metropolitan BCL announced the committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan BCL in exchange for money without any communication or information with the esteemed presidents and general secretaries of Sylhet District and metropolitan BCL.” In no way do we accept the district and metropolitan committees of Chhatra League, which are affiliated with students and criminals in exchange for money.

He said, “We are seeking the direct intervention of our beloved leader Deshratna Jannetri Sheikh Hasina to form a new committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan BCL with real sacrificial and acceptable BCL workers by canceling the announced committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan BCL through extreme irregularities through today’s press conference.”

At a press conference, Shahriar Alam Samad announced a program of demonstrations, continuous sit-ins and blockades from Thursday until the new district and metropolitan committees are canceled.

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