December 2, 2021, 3:03 pm

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An Executive Magistrate and today’s Kumarkhali

Zaker ALi Shuva, Bureau Chief: Kumarkhali Upazila of Kushtia was one of the most rural area in the district. Development is clearly visible among the people here now. Unlike before, social and financial status of the people of Kumarkhali are gradually increasing. A magistrate is working day and night to keep the people here happy. All the locals are happy with his activities. His acquaintance is widespread among the local residents. The villagers get confidence when they see him.

The Corona situation here was under control during the peak of Corona period. Among the various upazilas of Kushtia, the number of victims in Kumarkhali has been increasing since March. From the beginning of the that period, lack of awareness was ovserved among the people in the upazila. Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Kumarkhali, M.A. Muhaimin Al Zihan conducted regular raids in different unions of the upazila from morning till evening with the help of police.

Due to lack of tendency to accept social distancing, not wearing masks, keeping extra price in shops, selling medicines and disinfectants at higher prices in pharmacies were some of the activities in this upazila. For this, Mr. M.A. Muhaimin Al Zihan continued his regular campaign to control these. Many times alone, he has alerted the people in different markets and unions, closed the chat and returned home.

He is forcing people to accept social distancing by miking them as they do not accept social distancing in the market. Conscious upazila residents are satisfied with his activities. They supported him and asked the administration to be more strict about the unconsciousness. Not only during the Corona period, but also before that he was active in various activities including market monitoring, price control, onion market control, crop land protection, river protection, stopping illegal sand extraction in the river, illegal brick kiln control.

Now he is the strictest in all these matters. Among them, he has conducted operations with the fisheries officials to stop the sale of banned fishing and to catch illegal current nets. These operations stopped the illegal extraction of Jatka and Hilsa in the Padma and Gorai rivers. He also conducted regular Mobile Court against child marriage, unhealthy environment in hotel restaurants, rotten stale food and serving unhealthy food.

Almost everyone in the upazila now knows him for his regular activities and daily walks in the upazila. Whenever he sees any inconsistency, the locals immediately inform him and he rushes to the spot and takes action. The people of the upazila welcome his activities. I myself was on expeditions with him for a few days. Although he himself worked in various ways to bring people back home without fearing Corona, the people of the upazila have not yet become fully aware of it.

However, he has contined his activities. In all cases, his campaign has quickly created a positive attitude in the minds of the people, so the common people of the upazila have huge confidence in him. Seeing any inconsistencies, irregularities and unawareness, after any news is published, he takes quick action to find out there. In this regard, Mr. M.A. Muhaimin Al Zihan said, “This is my responsibility to keep people safe.

These campaigns are conducted regularly due to keep the prices high, to charge higher prices for the sale of medicines and disinfectants and to avoid social distancing. Regular fines are also being collected. I am committed to public welfare and public awareness.”

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