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Amrapali and Rangui mangoes are selling in the hills

Masud Rana Joy: As the hill district of Rangamati has a distinct reputation for its beauty, the fruits produced in the region are also known throughout the country. People outside the district will peek at least once to see the fruit of the mountain, there is no end to their interest in it.

Amrapali and Rangui varieties produced in Rangamati are valued all over the country. It is also in great demand outside the country. When the season comes, outside traders compete to buy this variety of mangoes. Many businessmen have already invested in the garden. However, due to the corona, farmers have suffered huge losses last year. As the traders did not come, the sale of the produced fruits was very low. This year mango yield is good but it is being sold at low price. Farmers and local vendors are not getting good prices as outside traders are not coming due to corona.

It is learned that the Department of Agriculture has been assisting the farmers in cultivating improved varieties of mangoes on the slopes of the hills for the last one decade to prevent damage to the hills and polluting the environment. In fact, the agriculture department has been largely successful. Many farmers have stopped cultivating zoom in the hope of making more profit and have shifted to mango cultivation of Amrapali and Rangui varieties in the hills.

Ranjan Chakma, owner and farmer of a mango orchard in Subalang village of Barkal upazila, told banglanews that mangoes have yielded very well this year. Mango collection started in mid-June. Due to non-arrival of outside traders due to corona, we have sold the mangoes produced in the garden to the local vendors at low prices. I do not see the face of profit in terms of cost.

Mango trader in the Collegegate area of ​​the city. Asaduzzaman told banglanews that he is selling good quality rangu in the market at Tk 45-50 per kg. I am selling amrapali for 50-55 rupees. I am also selling Mallika and Rupali at Rs 40-50 per kg.

Banarupa market mango trader said. Saiful told banglanews that he has not seen any profit in the business due to Corona for the last two years. Doing business is doing so.
“I am selling good quality Rangu and Amrapali at Rs 50-55 per kg and Rupali and Mallika at Rs 60-70 per kg,” he added.

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