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Aman paddy seed crisis in Amtali. Disoriented farmetk. 360 takaes rice sold for 1000 takaes!

Barguna Correspondent: 318 hectares of Aman paddy seedbed in Amtali Upazila has rotted due to incessant heavy rains. This has led to acute shortage of aman paddy seeds in Amtali. In Amtali on Sunday, unscrupulous trader Rattan Gazi was selling 10 kg of paddy seeds from BADC for Tk 360 to Tk 800. The aggrieved farmetk demanded immediate action against the unscrupulous tradetk and resolution of the seed crisis.

It has been reported that since July 26, six days of incessant rains have caused severe waterlogging in Amtali. The seedbed of 318 hectares of land in the upazila rotted due to the waterlogging. Again the farmetk took initiative to make seedbed. One hundred and ninety five metric tons of aman paddy seeds are required to make that seedbed. But at the moment the farmetk do not have seed paddy in their hands. Farmetk are looking for seeds in BADC, Upazila Agriculture Office and seed shops. But not getting seeds. Farmetk have lost their way without getting seeds. Meanwhile, by capitalizing on the demand for seeds, unscrupulous seed trader Rattan Gazi is secretly importing 800 kg of BADC paddy and selling it at a higher price.

He is selling 10 kg of paddy at Tk 360 for Tk 800. Farmetk are helpless and are buying those seeds at higher prices. The farmetk complained that the seed tradetk were selling paddy worth Tk 360 for Tk 800. On the other hand, dealetk are selling paddy of different companies at higher prices by capitalizing on the crisis of seed paddy. Farmer Alam Mia alleged that they were selling paddy worth Tk 700 for Tk 1,000.

Talukdar Teddetk, Arif Store, Mamun Store, Hawladar Teddetk and Yunus Dealer’s shops at Bandhghat crossroads of Amtali municipal town on Sunday afternoon did not find any Aman paddy seeds. Farmetk have returned empty handed as they did not get seed paddy. On the other hand, Rattan Gazi, the owner of Gazi Seed Store in front of Amtali Government College, is illegally selling 800 kg of BADC seeds at a higher price. He is selling 10 kg seeds at Tk. 360 for Tk.800
Farmetk Zahid and Ansar Mia of Wabda area of Amtali municipality said, “I have bought 10 kg BADC BR-23 paddy seeds from Rattan Gazi’s shop for Tk 800.”
Taltoli farmer Sohraf Hossain said, “I have bought 10 sacks of paddy from Rattan Gazi’s shop for Tk 8,000.”

Rattan Gazi, owner of Gazi Seed Store, admitted that he sold 10 kg of paddy for Tk 800 and said, “I bought 800 kg of aman seeds from Chittagong for Tk 5,600.”
Amtali Upazila Agriculture Officer CM Rezaul Karim said 316 hectares of aman seedbed had rotted due to heavy rains. This has led to acute crisis of seed paddy. He further said, “I have sent people to the spot after getting the news of selling seeds at high prices.”

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