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Alleged Mahmuda’s occupies land in Laxichhari. Turning door to door for justice

 Khagrachhari Correspondent: The land of helpless Mahmuda Begum has been forcibly occupied in Laxichhari Sadar. He is going door to door in the hope of getting justice.
According to the details of the incident, during the Bengali rehabilitation in 1980-81, Mahmuda Begum’s husband Abul Kashem Miaji got 5 (five) acres of land given to him by the government and started living on that land with his wife and children and created orchards. When riots, riots, arsons and arsons started, many Bengalis were concentrated in cluster villages on government initiative. Some families started living in the land recorded in the name of Kashem Miaji and at that time by building helpless houses for temporary residence. Those settlers are now fake, false, fabricated according to Mahmudar. They are claiming their land by creating documents. And some influential land robbers of the area are cooperating in this.
Mahmudar’s husband, late Abul Kashem Miaji, father, late Abdur Rob, according to the records provided by the government, S / C No. 4585 (four thousand five hundred and eighty five),80-81(eighty eighty one) years, 89 (ninety nine).Holding No. 02 (two)5.00 (five) Acres of third class hilly land were obtained.
Mahmuda Begum bought 3.80 (three point eighty) acres of land from her husband in cash during her husband’s lifetime. The rest of the property is owned by Mahmuda, wife of late Abul Kashem Miaji and the only younger brother of the deceased.
 According to Md. Akhter Hossain Mahmudar, a temporary resident, Sej Mahmudar, the owner of the land, took the initiative to build a permanent house on the purchased land on the basis of false documents and the dispute escalated when goods and manpower were deployed there. When Mahmuda interfered, Akhter Hossain rushed to Mahmuda and threatened to kill him. Mahmuda did not get justice by going door to door with the local Morals and the administration.
Disappointed, Mahmuda took refuge in the court and filed various cases under section 145 of the Criminal Procedure Code No. 16/2020.Mahmuda Begum’s interests were not protected in that report of Kanungo. According to the report, Akhter Hossain has been living for 30 to 40 years but it is doubtful whether he will be 40 years old. The lower court, on the basis of that report, dismissed the case in a completely unreasonable manner without taking the evidence of the plaintiff and without taking action against the defendant. Defendants Akhter Hossain, AH Wahab, Md. Rafiq, Rabiul, are occupying and living in Mahmuda’s land Kamrunnahar, Idris Ali.Ah chattar.
AH Rashid, Mizan, Abdur Rob, Jahangir, Ayub Ali, Alamgir, Jahanara (Gedu), Zakir, Khalil,
Hakim, Quader, Barek, Anwar, Nur Islam, Siddique, Hafizul, Mohsin, Khorshed, Hashem, Saidul, Joynal, Josna and many more. Mahmuda wants to get back his land freely by rehabilitating all these occupants on their own land at the government’s initiative.
In view of the occupier getting a government house in Kamrunnahar, the house building equipment has been stored in Mahmuda’s land which has been complained to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer. However, Kamrunnahar is living on the land registered by Mahmuda’sThe justice of helpless Mahmuda’s Abadan was not established.
Mahmuda Begum is now suffering from insecurity with her two children due to death threats from the respondent. As a result, Mahmuda Begum has completed the process of appeal in the hope of getting justice in the High Court and has drawn the attention of the concerned authorities to seek legal help.

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