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Allegations of various irregularities against the UP chairman in Pirganj

 Pirganj (Rangpur) Correspondent: Local leaders, including several UP members, have accused Panchgachhi UP chairman Lutfar Rahman Latif of various irregularities.
 UP members Hafizur Rahman, Ataur Rahman, Sekendar Ali and Solaiman have lodged a written complaint alleging that the first installment of LGSP-3 for the financial year 2020-2021, the second installment and the third installment were not paid to the members.  Has crossed the file.  The quality of work of LGSP-3 project for the financial year 2019-2020 is very poor.
In the UP office, the government has sold all the batteries of the solar panels provided by Kartik and misappropriated large sums of money.  He cut down many trees in front of the UP office without permission and sold them for a large sum of money.  He said that the money from the sale of trees of Amodpur and Enayetpur Mouzar Samiti should be kept in the bank.  The rice of the current financial year VGD card has been sold to the dealer without giving it to the actual card holder.
UP has falsely presented millions of rupees as honorarium in the budget session without giving honorarium to the members.  In the current financial year, the holy Eid-ul-Azha has embezzled all the rice by listing the members with limited allocation of VGF 450 cards with outsiders.  He embezzled millions of rupees for taxes, birth registration and trade licenses without depositing them in government funds.  UP Chairman Lutfar Rahman Latif squandered the entire money without any project with the land transfer tax of 1%.
 Acknowledging the veracity of the written allegations made by the UP members, Panchgachhi Union Awami League president Bablu Mia said the matter was under investigation and sought the attention of higher authorities to take appropriate action.  On Sunday (August 1), UP chairman Lutfar Rahman Latif denied the allegations against him, saying they were jealous of the inability of UP members to pay the pre-Eid hefty bonus.

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