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Ali Akbar is the chairman candidate in a big campaign in Kanaighat

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What a great propaganda journalist Md. Ali Akbar Chowdhury Kohinoor. Before the nomination was submitted, everyone noticed his campaign. Almost every day, he is exchanging views in one or another village, market and club in the area. He is going door to door with leaflet stickers and leaflets. The youth of the area are also campaigning for him. Pictures of his campaign and public relations are appearing in the media almost every day. People of all walks of life and professions are responding to public relations campaigns and exchange of views. The conscience of the nation also has the unwavering support of the journalists of Sylhet. Although most of them are not voters in that union. Many are competing for the post of chairman in the UP elections. However, journalist Md. Ali Akbar Chowdhury is at the forefront of the campaign.

The response of the union people and the support of the civil society towards the relatively young chairman candidate has made him very optimistic. Former executive member of Sylhet District Press Club and founding member of Kanaighat Press Club, journalist Md. Ali Akbar Chowdhury Kohinoor is a former leader of Kanaighat Degree College Chhatra League in Sylhet. Former unit secretary of Rajaganj Union Chhatra League of Kanaighat Upazila and former general secretary of Awami League of 6th ward, former organizing secretary of Rajaganj Union Awami League and current vice-president of Rajaganj Union Awami League.

Journalist Ali Akbar Chowdhury, a son of Awami League family, has been campaigning for the post of chairman of Rajaganj UP No. 9 in Kanaighat Upazila for a long time. It remains to be seen what the final result will be.

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