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Ahmed Shafi Has Been Killed : Claims Ruhi

Chattogram Bureau: Maulana Mainuddin Ruhi,the joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh,has claimed that the death of Amir Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi was planned.They also demanded a judicial inquiry into the ‘murder’ and closure of the council tomorrow.

He made these demands at a press conference held under the banner of the organization at the press conference room of Chittagong Press Club on Saturday (November 14) at 12 noon.

Mainuddin Ruhi said in a written statement,‘My own sister Firoza Begum (60) is ill in mourning the untimely death of my brother-in-law Hazrat Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi.I can’t stand her crying.I have appeared before you at his request.

Regarding the death of Allama Shafi, he said,”My brother-in-law Hazrat Allama Shafi did not die naturally.He was killed deliberately.We demand justice pending a proper investigation into his murder. We are demanding a departmental inquiry into his murder. ”

Regarding the Hifazat Council,he said, “Hifazat Islam has an organizational set of rules and regulations.There is no need for a council in this policy.According to the rules of the organization, the post will be determined on the basis of seniority.That is why we are demanding the closure of the council Sunday at this press conference.

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