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After being detained with yaba in Mithapukur The identified drug lord is a fugitive

Amirul kabir Suzan.Mithapukur (Rangpur):
An identified drug lord has escaped after being arrested at Mithapukur in Rangpur. The drug dealer escaped after being apprehended by the local village police around 11pm on Monday. The fugitive drug dealer was identified as Dulu Mia alias Khuta Dulu, son of Nuru Mia of Moinpur Dakshin Para village in the upazila. There has been a mixed reaction in the minds of the people to the fact that the drug lord, who was out of reach even after being arrested along with Yaba, escaped.

It has been learned on the spot that 8 village policemen including Hafizur Rahman and Liton Das arrested drug lord Dulu Mia alias Khuta Dulu along with yaba tablets in Batasan Bazar area of the upazila. Dulu Mia had been dealing drugs for a long time. Hearing about the arrest of the drug dealer, the local people came to the spot. After that, the arrested drug dealer was taken from Batasan Bazar to the Mainpur Union Parishad office by the village police members. After coming some distance from the market, the arrested drug lord Dulu escaped from the hands of the village police.

Village police members did not inform the senior police officer after the arrest of an identified drug dealer. On the contrary, the village police took him to the house of the drug dealer. The question now is how a man can escape from the hands of 6 village police.

The reporter met with members of the village police in front of a local grocery store during a search to find answers to public questions. When asked about the escape of the drug dealer, the village police Hafizur Rahman first resorted to tactics but later said that they would arrest Dulu Mia alias Khuta Dulu with 4 pitch yaba tablets. Village police Hafizur Rahman further said that the identified drug dealer fled when our village police took him to Liton Das’s house. At that time, when asked how a drug dealer could escape from the hands of 6 village policemen, the village police members said that he escaped by biting our hands. While talking about this, the village police members informed SI Anis of Mithapukur police station about the incident on their mobile phone.

Later, SI Anis along with his allied forces arrested Rubel Mia, son of Dudu Mia alias Dulu Mia alias Khuta Dulu from Batasan Bazar area. Asking for information at the scene, SI Anis Ulto treated the reporter aggressively, saying, “Why did you record this?” He snatched his mobile phone in front of the public and deleted the reporter’s file manager’s mobile phone. The police member wants to see the identity card of the media worker working at the spot. Many questions have arisen in the minds of the people who have seen such behavior of the police while collecting the news of a fugitive drug dealer. The expectation of the locals is that the police administration for the country and the people, the police for peace, the activities of the police administration will continue to reveal the truth for the welfare of the country.

Officer-in-charge of Mithapukur Police Station Amiruzzaman said police were sent to the spot after receiving the information. Detained Rubel has been sent to jail. He said the matter is under investigation.

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