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After 3 weeks, 178 people died

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In the last three weeks, the number of coronavirus cases has dropped to less than 7,000. The detection rate has also decreased considering the test. On July 24, 6,780 patients were identified. And 20 days later, 6,885 people were identified on Saturday.

In the middle of this, the number of patients identified daily is less than eight thousand. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Deaths in Corona have also decreased in the last 24 hours. Deaths were above 200 for 20 days. 197 people died when the first one went down on Friday. Then on Saturday the death toll dropped to 178.

Meanwhile, the number of patients identified daily was over 10,000 for five consecutive days. On Friday it came down to eight thousand 465 people. This information was given in the regular press release of the health department on Saturday afternoon.

The Department of Health said 33,000 samples had been tested in the previous 24 hours until Friday morning, and that 6,885 people had been infected with the coronavirus. As such, the detection rate is 20.66 percent. The detection rate on the previous day was 20.83 percent.

The total number of patients identified so far in the country with new patients stood at 14 lakh 12 thousand 218 people. The total number of deaths was 23,988.

According to the Department of Health, 7,805 people have recovered from corona in the last one day. So far 12 lakh 81 thousand 327 people have recovered with them.

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