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Advocate Shamsuzzaman resigns from BNP

Sylhet Bureau :


Advocate Shamsuzzaman Zaman, the party’s central co-volunteer affairs secretary, has announced his resignation from the BNP.

He resigned in a letter to party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday night. Zaman later gave this information in a press conference.

This leader, who was once the head of student politics in Sylhet, mentioned his resignation. I joined the BNP through student politics in 1985. I have spent as much time and money as possible to establish this party in the bad days of BNP. I have worked to establish the team in the midst of boundless adversity. I have never shared a pudding. Nor did I take unethical advantage.

Referring to the party’s secretary general, he further wrote in the letter: “If the memory of a wise man like you is kept right by Allah, then you should remember the role of me and my comrades in the struggle of the past movement.”

At different times, Zaman was the Deputy General Secretary and Organizing Secretary of the Sylhet District BNP and the Central Vice-President of the Swachchasebak Dal.

In his resignation letter, he further mentioned that it is a matter of great sorrow and regret that the committee of Sylhet District and Metropolitan Volunteer Party has been announced on Tuesday (August 17). Despite being a volunteer secretary with the BNP’s central executive committee, my district and metropolitan committee ignored me, ignoring my opinions and suggestions. After all, the comrades who risked their lives to go to the movement, were shot, and even expelled from the society, became utterly ignored and ridiculed.

Abdur Razzak, the party’s central and micro-credit affairs secretary, was present at the press briefing at an office in Mirabazar in Sylhet on Wednesday night. Also present were district BNP convening committee members Nazim Uddin Lashkar, Ishtiaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Moududul Haque, Abdur Rakib Tuhin, lecturer Raihan Uddin, Fayez Ahmed Daulat and others.

In the letter he wrote to the Secretary-General, he further mentioned, “What is the criterion of eligibility if you want to lead your team today without wanting to know?” Should those who love the country and the party, who risk their lives, who are faithful in adversity, who stand on their chests in front of the bayonet of a gun, or should they be found by lobbying or gaining everything through special arrangements?

Today we are uninvited in the team that we built with love. You often talk about establishing democracy, demanding justice from the state, but ask yourself once and for all – have you been able to establish justice for your own workers?

I have served your team relentlessly for the last 36 years. The people of the holy land of Hazrat Shahjalal (Rah.) Know how much we have crossed the sea of ​​sorrow. The unjust treatment you have shown to my comrades-in-arms today is, of course, my belief that nature will retaliate.

The BNP leader also mentioned that I have donated 36 years of my life to you as a charity.

After sending his resignation letter to the secretary general, Zaman told a press conference that he had taken the decision after ignoring his views and suggestions and approving the committee of the newly announced Sylhet District and Metropolitan Volunteer Party.

At that time Advocate Zaman said, I joined BNP through student politics since 1985. I have given the golden time of my life to establish this party in the misfortune of BNP. I have spent as much money as I can. I have worked to establish the team in the midst of endless adversity. I have never shared a pudding, nor have I ever taken advantage of it.

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