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Adolescent Friend Favorite Name-Alina Aktar (UNO)

Kishorganj (Nilphamari) Correspondent: Alina Aktar,the UNO of a subdistrict in Nilphamari has gradually become the friend of the teenagers.The biggest network for the teenagers of Bangladesh named “Shornokishoree Network Foundation” organized a solemnity about the unsaid facts of the teenagers and she was actively present on this. With her co-operation, teenagers of the subdistrict of Nilphamari took part in the function. Each & every solemnity organised by Shornokishoree consists of many talented as well as extraordinary teenagers who provide valuable guidelines about the inhibition of child marriage, nutrition and reproductive health of the teenagers and so on.
Alina Aktar delivered a valuable speech that was quite informative as well as inspiring to the teenagers. According to the oath “Not a single  individual in Bangladesh will remain homeless” by our honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina,Alina Aktar imparted homes to 220 families of her subdistrict amidst of 1250 families in Nilphamari district. She is indeed a hard working person, as she identified the homeless ones herself and imparted homes to those who were really in need of it. In spite of being the UNO, she  has been solely helping the helpless teenagers with money, food, necessary accessories and inspired others to be with the helpless ones.
From the beginning of her journey in Nilphamari subdistrict, she has been fulfilling her responsibities showing immense ability, talent and creativity. Within a very short period, she has won over the hearts of the people of her subdistrict along with the teenagers. With the amicable perspective towards the teenagers & education, she has initiated several measures including club activities, recreational activities, development of educational facilities, sports facilities and so on with the purpose of forming a drug-free and healthy society for the youths. In order to eradicate tailback and unemployment, she has been actively dedicating herself creating opportunities such as- vocational education, handicrafts, computer training and so on with the assurance of corruption free workplace for a better society.

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