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Actress Parimani arrested

Dhaka :

Finally, the much talked about actress Parimani has also been arrested. He was detained during a four-hour operation on Wednesday. The operation started around 4 pm. He was picked up in a RAB vehicle at 8.15 pm. At this time a large quantity of foreign liquor was recovered from his house.

Meanwhile, RAB arrested director-producer Nazrul Islam Raj at night. There have been rumors in the capital for the past few days that he may be arrested. With such rumors, he also started spreading the message that he was ill. The raid was carried out with thousands of curious people and media workers in front of the house. When he was taken out of the house at night, the people present tried to take a look. At that time, when the journalists also wanted to know something, no RAB official was seen to agree to it. Everyone said – will be informed later.

According to the RAB, he was detained after a raid at Banani’s house for more than three hours. From there he was taken to the RAB office.
RAB intelligence director Lt. Colonel Muhammad Khairul Islam said the bride was interrogated before being detained. At that time, RAB recovered a large quantity of foreign liquor from his house. Regarding the recovered drugs, RAB said that in all the recent raids, such expensive liquor was not found in anyone’s house. Blue Label, Royal Salute, Hennessy Cognac. According to the RAB, the recovered liquor is very expensive. How it was collected will also be found out. The information that there was a stockpile of such drugs in Parimani’s house came to the hands of RAB earlier.

While writing the report at night, an eyewitness in front of the house told the media that a RAB microbus opened the gate at around ৭ pm and entered. Later, at 8:15 pm, the bride was picked up in a car and taken to the RAB office. At that time a few bottles of liquor were taken in that car. Even then, hundreds of people and journalists stared curiously outside the house. Asked at the time, Major Hussain Raisul Azam, deputy director of the RAB’s media wing, said the operation was ongoing. Details will be informed later.

What the bride says live-
For about half an hour, he kept the members of the law enforcement forces out of the door and made Facebook live. Parimani suddenly came to Facebook Live around 4:15 pm on Wednesday. He first said that some unknown people had gathered outside his door. They are knocking loudly on the door to enter the house. He is afraid of this. At this time the sound of calling bell can be heard live. At one stage of the live, Parimani asked to see the media workers under the house through the window. At that time, he said, I was scared because of this. I have no security here. I’m so sick. I have not been able to get up properly for three days. At one stage, the actress requested her colleagues, journalists and acquaintances to go to her house quickly. Several journalists and friends also appeared there. But no one could enter the house. At that time, the media workers made it a condition that they would actually open the door. At one stage of the live, Parimani was also seen doing some work on the security system from inside the house. However, Parimani’s obstruction did not last long in front of the law enforcement agencies. He managed to block their entry for about half an hour but was finally forced to open the door. He also stopped live at one stage when members of the law enforcement force entered the house.

At one point in the live, he repeatedly instructed one of his relatives to put Aaron on the phone. But after repeated calls, Aaron was disappointed that he did not pick up the phone. He then sought the cooperation of Banani police. But no one came. Leaving the RAB outside, he tried his best to get the cooperation of various quarters. Lastly, he made it a condition that the media be allowed in before entering his home. RAB did not agree to his condition. Before finally opening the gate, the bride wants to see if the CCTV footage of the house is on. Then he went downstairs and saw that it had been closed. Disappointed, he was forced to open the gate live on Facebook. As soon as RAB entered, he closed his Facebook. After waiting for a large number of journalists outside, the RAB closed the gate and launched an operation.

Nasir to sue
Meanwhile, Nasir Uddin Mahmud said that he would file a case against his girlfriend on a number of issues including false accusation, defamation and humiliation in the family. He will file a case with the airport police station anytime today or tomorrow.

On Wednesday night, businessman Nasir Uddin said, “I am ready to sue.” I will file a case in consultation with the lawyers on whether to do it today or when and how to do it. All the allegations against me are false, I have been harassed in the family. All my long-earned values ​​have been tarnished by such false and fabricated allegations. There may be multiple cases. Nasir U Ahmed and several others were accused of harassing his girlfriend at a club in the capital last June. He also reported the allegation on Facebook Live. Then the administration took cognizance of it. The accused were later arrested in connection with the fairy case. However, Nasir was released on bail a few days after his arrest.

Director-producer Nazrul Islam Raj arrested

Meanwhile, RAB arrested film director and producer Nazrul Islam Raj from Banani soon after the raid on actress Parimani’s house. Earlier, a raid was carried out on his house in Banani.

A RAB source said, “The raid on Raj’s house is being carried out on the basis of specific information. After the arrest of Mishu, an associate of model Faria Mahabub Piyasa, some important information was obtained from him. RAB has arrested Raj on the basis of this. Nazrul Islam Raj, the producer of Dhaka film, lives in Durgapur of Gopalganj Sadar. Besides producing films and dramas, he also acted regularly. Raj Multimedia started its journey in July 2019 with a promise to take the country’s showbiz arena forward.

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