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“Accreditation: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”

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President Mohammad Abdul Hamid said that the government is always striving to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as per the Millennium Development Goals. Tomorrow (June 9) is World Accreditation Day 2021. He said this in a message to the President on the occasion.

The President expressed satisfaction over the fact that the Bangladesh Accreditation Board is celebrating ‘World Accreditation Day 2021’ like other countries of the world.

He said this year’s theme of the day, ‘Accreditation: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals’, was very timely. It places great emphasis on the implementation, measurement and supervision of strategic development objectives and goals in a combination of technical knowledge and capabilities, which will assist policy makers, businesses and other stakeholders.

The President said that even in the midst of the global Kovid epidemic, emphasis has been placed on the role of quality and standard of living and trade and its impact on trade and employment.

He said accreditation plays an important role in the development of quality infrastructure in the country through metrology, quality assessment, fairness assessment and market supervision.

He said that it is a matter of great pleasure that the country has a national standard infrastructure suitable for the implementation of sustainable development goals. Bangladesh has very efficiently declared the goal of sustainable development as declared by the United Nations 17 goals and It is working relentlessly to achieve 169 goals.

The United Nations is working to reduce poverty by 2030. The government is always striving to achieve sustainable development goals like the Millennium Development Goals.

Abdul Hamid said accreditation is a recognized easy way to solve technical problems in any difficult situation, which helps policymakers in foreign trade, food security, health, environmental protection, industry and infrastructure development. He wished success to all the activities of the day.

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