August 6, 2021, 1:15 am

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ACC investigation SI Anwar got Alauddin’s lamp

Saiful Islam, Rangpur: Anwar Hossain (38) got a job in the police and became a crocodile overnight. Mohammad Anwar Hossain, 38, a resident of Patgram in Lalmonirhat district of Rangpur division, got a job as a police constable. Later, the deputy police inspector was promoted and received Aladdin’s lamp.

The boy who used to walk for lack of money even after getting a job in the police has been promoted and now he can’t walk for a moment without a car. Seeing the radical change of Anwar overnight, the imagination of the people of the area is not over?

According to the complaint, Anwar has illegally owned cars and houses worth crores of rupees. Anwar, who used to walk from the bus stand, now travels in a luxury car. He has spent crores of rupees to build luxury houses in his area, two houses in Rangpur and two flats in Dhaka.

There are anonymous accounts and savings certificates in different banks. There is a fish farm in Khulna. Illegal income is behind SI Anwar’s overnight change of fortune. He is running several businesses with his younger brother Abu Azam and father.
According to the allegations, he has earned crores of rupees by showing fear of false cases.

The catastrophic incident started when the money was not paid as per his instructions. You have to read in the wrath of torture and false cases.

Meanwhile, the court has dismissed CR cases No. 262/11 and 1008/19, RM case MR No. 290/19, Chuadanga Police Station case No. 13/20 filed by Anwar Hossain for misusing his power. This has caused a great stir in the area.
Anwar Hossain is currently working as Sub-Inspector of Police BP No. 6403063085 at Police In Service Training Center, Sherpur, Mymensingh.

Aware people in the area have demanded an ACC investigation into the news of Anwar’s sudden becoming a millionaire. Then the real bag of cats will come out.
Trying to contact SI Anwar, he could not be reached for comment.

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