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Abdus Sabur Liton My goal is to provide developmental services in Rampur 25th Ward Chattogram

Md.Nesar Ahammed: Human service Those who do human service with the ultimate religious purpose in mind are the real people. One can attain the satisfaction of Allah through real public service. Want to achieve people’s respect and love. And those people who have done all the greed, lust, purpose human service, they have become human and the human heart has always been memorable. Everyone respects and loves him irrespective of party affiliation. A person can attain the satisfaction of Allah not only through human property but also through good deeds.

A great man is always endowed with the virtues of righteousness, forgiveness, humility, simplicity, piety, self-control, honesty.There is no such benefactor. Abdus Sabur Liton a social worker and educationist with the best brave children of the time.There are still many personalities in this country who are really sincere enough about human service.Abdus Sabur Liton the 2nd elected councilor of Chattogram City Corporation election on January 27. has shown his results by voting for the Tiffing Carrier win and Abdus Sabur Liton has taken on the responsibility of preparing to fulfill the people’s manifesto and serving the people.

People love me, so people are voting for me in Rampur Ward No.25th from morning till afternoon on January 27. He told Daily Morning Glory.People have humanity. This barrier of humanity encourages people to acquire various virtues. Man gathers in it through various virtues. One of the qualities of human beings is human service. Human service is a great virtue. But it is not easy to achieve the great virtue of human service,but Abdus Sabur Liton. has won the love of the people of the 25th ward of Rampur in Chattogram. Despite their financial means and abilities, many people are not interested in engaging themselves in human service.

They are not only engaged in luxuries, but also in luxuries.Real happiness cannot follow compassion, but sadly it is true that we have There are still a large number of such people in the society but a few people are not only busy but also dedicated to the under privileged people of the society and one such personality is Abdus Sabur Liton. in Chattogram City Corporation election No.25 Rampur Ward was elected for the 2nd time in the Chattogram City Corporation election with a Tiffin Carrier symbol, and is involved in all social and religious development activities in the area,

Terrorist, extortionist, vocal against corruption, a bright star as a social worker, who has quickly succeeded in establishing himself as a social worker in the area Abdus Sabur Liton. is a dear man of small and big old age who is the companion of the common people of the poor and miserable society as well as a helpful man.

Not a promise, but with the result, this emerging leader will take place in the minds of the people again.The aim is to build a digital golden Bangladesh by streng thening the hand of the people’s leader Begum Sheikh Hasina by realizing the dream left by Bangabandhu.Therefore, in order to build a digital Bangladesh in development, this time to fulfill the manifesto of its people – to improve the quality of life

of the people, development of roads and ghats, lighting arrangements, reconstruction and establishment of schools-colleges-madrasa elimination of unemployment problem, all for free Issuance of certificates, prevention of child marriage, payment of old age allowance, building resistance against drugs and gambling, taking legal action through members in the neighborhood, keeping the drains clean, timely removal of dirt in the dustbin, within the area To provide an ambulance service for the needy, to provide employment opportunities to the youth according to their qualifications and to provide various facilities. And
The depth of this realization for human beings is not among many in this country. No one is interested in the great work of human service because there is no more. Social service comes from human service .

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