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Abdur Rahman of Bishwambharpur successfully returned abroad after cultivating Green Malta

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: Abdur Rahman, a foreigner from Bishwambharpur in Sunamganj district, has seen success by cultivating Green Malta.
He started cultivating Green Malta two years ago. Now every tree in his garden has a delicious fruit called Green Malta and has started to ripen. Hundreds of kilos of Malta have already been sold. He is earning an extra lakh rupees by growing vegetables in the Maltese trees inside this garden all the year round.

Abdur Rahman, a Maltese farmer, lives in Chinakandi village of Dhanpur union in Bishwambharpur upazila. He said he had worked for a company in Saudi Arabia for about 19 years.

He moved to the country on January 1, 2019 with the help of soil and people. Then he thought in his mind that he would earn the same amount of money abroad by producing good quality crops.

With record-breaking fallow land next to the house, the Maltese farming plan sits on its head. It takes 6 months to think like this. In June of that year, he rushed to the Bishwambharpur Upazila Agriculture Extension Department to seek advice to start Malta cultivation.

If you want good yields in Malta farming, you want rich agricultural development advice. Seeing his interest in this advice, the officials of the agriculture office extended their hand of cooperation. Then he handed over 200 green Maltese saplings to Abdur Rahman in the name of ‘Malta Block Exhibition’ established in the financial year 2019-20.

An agricultural sub-assistant officer was also given the responsibility of looking after the Malta gardens. Abdur Rahman got this help and started gardening with great interest. Mohammad Shamsul Alam Bidhu, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer, Machimpur Block, Dhanpur Union, is in charge of the office.
Abdur Rahman has built a fence around the garden to protect the land, including planting Maltese trees. The maintenance of the garden has so far cost over a lakh rupees. Keeping this cost in mind, he has cultivated vegetables inside Malta gardens using various agricultural production techniques. In the first year, there has been a good profit in the cultivation of vegetables. You are getting good money by selling these vegetables.
Abdur Rahman said that in his Malta garden planted two years ago, there are 140 trees with raw Malta hanging. The trees are bending under the weight of the fruit. Stuck with bamboo twigs. Each tree weighs at least 30 kg.

It can be sold at a wholesale price of Rs 140 per kg. Malta is being sold at 160 to 180 rupees per kg in the retail market. As such, he can sell Malta at a wholesale price of at least Tk 6 lakh per year from his garden. He now has no cost in Malta Garden. Fruitful year after year. He will also be able to sell vegetables for around Tk 2 lakh a year. Farmer Mohammad Abdur Rahman plans to earn at least Tk 20 lakh a year by enriching Malta farming.

Mohammad Shamsul Alam Bidhu, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer, Machimpur Block, Dhanpur Union, said, Now the yield has been good. This green malt filled with juice has a very delicious aroma. I am also happy with the joy of farmer Abdur Rahman.

Abdur Rakib, scientific officer and officer-in-charge of Sunamganj Bina sub-center, said, “We have come here to see the garden after receiving the news.” Now I am happy to come to the spot. I want to have such a beautiful garden near the hill, I sit in the garden. Due to the availability of soil suitable for Malta cultivation, the production will increase in this Malta garden of farmer Abdur Rahman.
Bishwambharpur Upazila Agriculture Officer in charge. Nayan Mia said, “We gave seedlings to farmer Abdur Rahman to cultivate in Malta two years ago.” Now Malta is in Abdur Rahman’s garden. Very tasty Green Malta.

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