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Abbas gave Israel “a year” to leave Palestine

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Friday gave Israel a year to withdraw its troops from occupied Palestinian territory and leave forever.

He says otherwise the Jews will no longer accept the state based on the 1967 eastern border. News AFP.

In a virtual speech to the UN General Assembly, Abbas called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to “organize an international peace conference.”

However, besides requesting for such a conference, he also gave an ultimatum in this regard.

“We have given the occupying power Israel one year to withdraw from the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem,” he said.

Abbas added that the Palestinians were ready to “work throughout the year” to resolve the crisis over the final status of Israel and the Palestinian state in accordance with the UN resolution.

He said, however, that if the crisis is not resolved within this period, why should Israel’s recognition on the basis of the 1967 border be maintained?

The Palestinian leader added that the Palestinians would go to the international court on the question of the legitimacy of the occupation of the land of the Palestinian state.

The peace process for a two-state solution in the Middle East has stalled for years.

Israel, however, immediately dismissed the Palestinian leader’s claim.

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