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A smile on the face of a farmer who benefits from almond cultivation in Sunamganj

Dulal Mia, Sunamganj: Farmers have benefited from almond cultivation in Sunamganj. Farmers are happy as the yield is higher this time as compared to last year. According to the District Agriculture Extension Department, peanuts have been cultivated in 1410 hectares of land in the entire district. The highest cultivation is in Tahirpur upazila. Peanuts have been cultivated in 1185 hectares of land in this upazila. Besides, 66 hectares in Bishwambharpur upazila, 65 hectares in Doarabazar upazila, 55 hectares in Jamalganj upazila, 25 hectares in Sunamganj Sadar upazila, 5 hectares in Dharmapasha upazila, 5 hectares in Chhatak upazila and 4 hectares in Jagannathpur upazila. Planted Chinese nuts in the month. Now he has started picking nuts.

CARE (30 percent) Almond production per 4-5 mana. One ounce of nuts can be sold for three to four thousand rupees. He can sell nuts for fifteen to sixteen thousand rupees from each care. However, the production cost per care is six to seven thousand rupees. The number of almond growers is increasing every year due to the benefits of almond cultivation.

However, many almond farmers have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Department of Agricultural Extension. Another almond farmer from Balijuri village, Md. Shahabul Mia (40). He himself has cultivated Chinese almonds in 1.5 acres of land. Chinese land has bumper yields on his land. That is why he is happy to see his own almond field. “Md. Faridul Hasan, Deputy Director, District Agriculture Extension Department, said,” More almonds are cultivated in Badaghat area of Tahirpur in the district. These Chinese nuts will not be everywhere in Sunamganj.

Is in slightly elevated areas. If water accumulates due to light rain on the land, the trees will rot. It is better to cultivate almonds in sandy loam soils. Almonds are cultivated in two seasons in Sunamganj. Sow the seeds in late October. Almonds can be picked from the seeds after three months. Seeds are sown in January and nuts are harvested in April-May. We train farmers to grow almonds. ”
Asked about the farmers’ grievances, he said, “Sunamganj is supposed to have 263 agricultural sub-assistants. So far there are 93. Where there are three agricultural sub-assistants in a union, there is one in charge of two unions. We have to provide services with less manpower. But we We are trying to provide maximum service to the farmers. “

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