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A private illegal building has been constructed on the railway property at Syedpur in Nilphamari, Ordinary people including businessmen are not at ease

Abu Hasan, Nilphamari: The song of subjugation of the independent country has not yet been cut in Syedpur of Nilphamari. Although Bangladesh got independence in exchange of 3 million martyrs, the occupation of land grabbers was not independent. Due to the negligence and indifference of the concerned officials of the railways, various political alliances including Razakarputra are ruling over three hundred and fifty acres of land. However, Mokshedul Momin, former Labor League leader and upazila chairman of Syedpur Railway Factory, did not fail to seize power by exploiting party influence. From the very beginning, without following the rules and regulations, the industrial establishments including the homestead shops have been built as they are.

Hundreds of Australasians have also been formed illegally without caring about the terror of eviction. In place of the occupied railways, trade, commerce and industry flourished. But ordinary people including businessmen are not relieved. A recent investigation by the Ministry of Railways has revealed disturbing information about the occupation. According to the Ministry of Railways, the land grabbers have taken possession of three hundred and fifty acres out of the five hundred acres of land of Syedpur Railway.

Influential people are swallowing up thousands of crores of rupees of revenue against the railway property. Not only this, they are also constantly trying new schemes to seize the remaining property of the railways. Even the KPI (protected) area was not spared from the occupation of influential people. Although the political ideologies of some influential leaders are different, all of them have become like garlic cloves and have been busy collecting benefits from the occupiers. On the other hand, there is no place for the businessmen and industrial entrepreneurs of the municipality.

Locals say that the influential people are looting the property of the present railway by pointing the finger at the old railway. Illegal occupiers are much more powerful. They have built multi-storied buildings with underground in place of railways by evading the government. Even the influential people are enjoying the government’s property worth around Tk 5,000 crore as their own. The administration has not paid any attention to this. The government is losing crores of rupees in revenue from these properties at every moment. Hon’ble railway friendly government seems to be paying attention to the eviction of illegal occupants of Syedpur.

By freeing the possession of the influential people, he leases the helpless poor equally. I think the government’s revenue will increase by crores of rupees. This revenue will help in the development of railways as well as create employment for the poor and small traders. At least 16 educational institutions including Shamsul Haque Memorial Academy, Pilot Girls High School and Lions School and College have been set up commercially on the railway property to cover fish with vegetables. Komalmati students are also not getting relief from the addiction of influential people to grow sugarcane. The school is being opened in the name of the father on the railway property.

It is mentioned in the report of the investigation committee that was handed over to the secretary of the railway ministry Selim Raza on March 16. In Syedpur, 1,131 illegal establishments have occupied 110 acres of land. Among the illegal establishments, there are 15 houses including 6 1-storey buildings, 16 2-storey buildings, 65 3-storey buildings, 28 4-storey buildings, 5 5-storey buildings and 1 6-storey building. There are also 43 industrial establishments including 8 party offices, 36 residential hotels, 5,000 illegal shops and 18 bank branch offices.

Influential people have also built these institutions on the railway property. Rents and levies are skyrocketing, including the sale of railway property. The report called for revocation of the permission of the educational institution built on the railway land and taking departmental action against the education engineering department concerned with the construction of the institution’s building. On the other hand, due to its silent role in occupying the railway land, departmental action has been taken against all concerned including Joydul Islam, the divisional caretaker of Syedpur Railway Factory. Meanwhile, the land grabbing of the railway in Syedpur and the names of the land grabbers have come up in the investigation report and the whole district has started fighting.

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