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A plane crash in Russia has killed at least 16 people

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A plane crash in Russia has killed at least 16 people. Seven more people were injured in the incident. The plane crashed near the town of Menzelinsk in the country’s Tatarstan republic on Sunday (October 10th). There were more than 20 skydivers on the plane.

This information was given in a report on Sunday by the Russian media RT. An official from Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry confirmed the crash.

Citing eyewitnesses, RT said the crashed plane was an L-410 model. The aircraft is owned by a local club that provides air services. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday.

The front of the plane, along with its engine, was destroyed when it crashed to the ground. However, there was no damage to the back.

Citing rescue workers, RT said there were 22 people on board. Most of them are skydivers.

Meanwhile, an official of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said that according to the initial information, 16 people were killed in the plane crash. Among the dead were two pilots. On the other hand, 7 people were rescued alive from the rubble.

The L-410 model turbolate short-range aircraft has two engines. The aircraft was built in the Czech Republic in the early 1970s.

Earlier, a similar plane crashed in the Irkutsk region of southeastern Siberia last September. Four people were killed and 12 others were injured in the incident.

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