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A cloth-sandal shop was gutted in a fire at Bunagati Bazaar in Shalikha. Loss of 60/70 lakh rupees

Md. Nawab Ali, Magura: A huge fire broke out at Al Imran Bastralaya in Bunagati Bazar of Shalikha Upazila in Magura around 11pm on May 12. All the clothes, garments and sandals of the shop were burnt. The fire has caused a loss of at least 60/70 lakh rupees. The guards of the market saw the smoke coming out of the house and informed the Magura Fire Service. The fire service personnel came and tried to control the fire.

But it was too late to break the shutters and front clubsable gate of the shop and all the goods of the shop were burnt. However, due to the sincere efforts of the fire service personnel, the shops and establishments in the vicinity were not severely damaged. Fire service personnel believe that the fire could be caused by an electrical short circuit.

Shop owner Imran Hossain said, “Like the other day, I closed the shop at 9.30 am and went home.” Around 11:30 pm, a person from the market called and said that my house was on fire. I ran like crazy and lost consciousness after seeing the fire in the house. After that the hospital regained my consciousness.

In this regard, the chairman of Bunagati Union Baktiyar Laskar said, “My house is near the market. People are running towards the market as there is a fire in the market around 8 pm.” I went with them too. I saw that Imran’s house was on fire. Due to the shutter and gate, the locals tried but to no avail. After a while, the fire broke out.

Service personnel came and broke the shutter and gate and brought the fire under control. And protects the market from large losses. After that, there was some damage to the ATM booth of Islami Bank and the outlet branch of Islami Bank. A general diary has been kept at Shalikha police station in this regard.

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