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Returned Afghans arrested as soon as they enter the country: DMP Commissioner

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Dhaka :

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Moha. Shafiqul Islam said intelligence was on the lookout for those who had fled the country at the behest of the Taliban, an armed group that had recently seized power in Afghanistan.

They will be arrested and brought under the law if they try to enter Bangladesh. He said if someone’s child or student suddenly leaves the house without telling anyone, the police should be informed immediately.

He made the remarks in response to a reporter’s question at his office on Monday (August 16th) at noon.

The DMP commissioner said that the information about how many people from Bangladesh have gone to Afghanistan or how many are staying there is available from the intelligence of our country. Officially, we have not been told from Afghanistan that so many Bangladeshis have fled their country or been detained and imprisoned.

Those who work in the country are aware of this. If Afghan returnees try to enter Bangladesh, they will be arrested and brought under the law.

He said if someone’s child or student suddenly leaves the house without saying anything to anyone, there is no contact with him; This information should be reported to the police immediately.

Expressing concern, the DMP commissioner said the Taliban would declare itself the most powerful state in the world as soon as it took power. The Taliban will also say that they have liberated Afghanistan by defeating America in the war. In this context, enthusiasm will be created among the youth (who want to do jihad). This wave will affect all countries including our subcontinent.

“The situation that is being created should be reviewed very carefully at all levels of the country,” he said, adding that we need to be prepared accordingly. We are ready but everyone has to work together to deal with the wave that will start. Not only the police alone, but every parent and college-university should cooperate.

DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said a review of the rise of militancy in Bangladesh showed that when Russia intervened in Afghanistan, jihad was called for to expel the infidels from the holy land.

In the eighties, a significant number of Muslims from Bangladesh went to war in Afghanistan considering it their religious duty. After winning that war, many returned to Bangladesh and showed courage to march in public.

He said the origin of militancy in Bangladesh was Afghanistan-centric, adding that Bangladeshis returning to Afghanistan later formed several militant groups, including Harkatul Jihad (HUJI) and JMB. The primary purpose of creating these militant groups was to go to Kashmir and fight.

They have won the war in Afghanistan. They had the idea that they would go to Kashmir and win the war. Then for various reasons they could not succeed in Kashmir.

Later in Bangladesh they started a movement for the establishment of Khilafah. After a series of bombings across the country in 2005, police have brought militant groups under control. Suddenly, the United States intervened in Iraq and IS emerged through international aid and cooperation.

He said that after the emergence of IS, the second phase of militant organization was formed in Bangladesh. The new JMB of IS ideology. The rise of militants in Bangladesh has always been encouraged in the aftermath of an international event, according to which the organizations are preparing and appealing to the people.

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