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6 pieces to Moyna Mia of Sylhet: Tragic statement of wife Fatima


Fatema Khatun, the first wife of the deceased, has given a shocking statement in the court after she was found dead in Mohakhali of the capital. His statement was recorded in the Dhaka Metropolitan Hakis Masud-ur-Rahman court on Sunday (June 6th).

Accused Fatema Khatun was produced in court after remand. At this point, Fatema voluntarily agreed to make a confessional statement. The investigating officer of the case, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) Inspector Kazi Shariful Islam, then requested to record the confessional statement of the accused under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The court recorded his statement in response to the appeal. He was then sent to jail.

Earlier, on June 1, accused Fatima was produced in court. After that, in the interest of proper investigation of the case, the investigating officer in the case of Banani Police Station, Detective Inspector Kazi Shariful Islam, applied for a 10-day remand of the accused. The court granted him five remands on appeal.

Metropolitan Detective Branch (DB) police arrested Fatima on May 31 in connection with her husband’s murder. Moyna Mia’s head was recovered after going to the place shown by Fatima. Later, burqas, victim’s blood-stained clothes, sharp knives, sharp photos, poison cups and seals were recovered.

According to the case, according to the murder plan, Fatema bought a two-leaf sleeping pill from Karail area and fed it to her husband Moina Mia with juice on the night of May 28. After that Moyna Mia was unconscious after sleeping all night and in the evening she regained some consciousness and went to attack her wife and fell down on the bed. At one point, when Moina Mia screamed for water, Fatema again poured the juice mixed with sleeping pills in her mouth. At this stage, when Moyna Mia fainted and fell on the bed, Fatema tied Moyna Mia’s two hands to her body with her veil and covered her face with scotch tape. When Moina Mia started screaming at that time, Fatema sat on her chest and started cutting her throat with the steel knife in the room. After a scuffle, Moyna Mie tore the veil, freed her hand and pinched Fatima’s hand and opened her mouth and bit her. This made Fatima’s anger worse.

At one point in the scuffle, Moyna and Fatema both fell off the bed and Fatema climbed on top of the victim’s chest and cut the rest of her throat. Later in the morning, Fatema cut the skin and flesh of Moyna’s hand with a sharp knife to hide the body and cut the bone into three parts with a sharp blade. Put the head in a red cloth bag, the main body part in a blue water drum, the amputated two legs and the two hands in a large cloth bag. He rented an autorickshaw from the area for Rs 1,300 and first dumped the body parts in the Amtali area. Later, Mohakhali Ana left her two-foot-full bag in front of the bus counter and left for home. When he came home, he took the severed head bag from there and threw it at Gulshan Lake from the eastern end of Banani Bridge No. 11. Then he came home and started living a normal life.

Fatema thought that no one would be able to identify Moyna’s body. But the police found out the name of the deceased Moyna Mia, home in Kishoreganj, with the fingerprints from the recovered body and the database of national identity cards. The artist was then arrested through mobile tracking. According to him, the victim’s blood-stained clothes, sharp knives and photos, poisonous cups and shill-patas have been recovered. The second wife of the deceased Moina Mia has filed a murder case with the Banani Police Station. Police are investigating whether anyone else is involved in the incident.

According to a DB source, the artist used to earn 12 to 15 thousand rupees a month by working in people’s homes. Although she rented the house in Karail slum with her two children, she always wanted her husband Moina Mia to be with them. She also took amulets to subdue her husband. But even after so many things, Moyna Mia did not get love. Ulta Moyna Mia married another woman.

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