August 10, 2022, 5:48 pm

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54 families of Harirampur upazila have become homeless due to Padma Coral Grass

Anwar Hossain Chowdhury, Harirampur (Manikganj): Terrible demolition is going on in Harirampur in Kushiarchar area of ​​Kanchanpur Union. The Padma River has been eroding for about 3 months in this area. In two weeks, schools and mosques along with the houses of 54 families of Kanchanpur Union have been washed away by the strong current of Padma river. It has been seen on the ground that a terrible breakdown is going on in a place called Kushiarchar Kalikhola of Kanchanpur Union.

It is learned that according to the census, out of 130 families, lands, mosques, houses and plants of 9 families have been washed away by the river. Twice of this dried food has been distributed among the river erosion victims by the local administration. Rehena Begum (51), who was affected by the erosion of the Padma River, said, “I don’t want relief materials. We demand our lives. We demand the Hon’ble Prime Minister to arrange a permanent embankment here.

” Chairman of Kanchanpur Union Gazi Yunus said 50 families in Kushiarchar area are at great risk. The lands and houses of these families will be lost in the coral grass of the river Padma at any time. He further said that 12 mouzas of 13 mouzas of this union have been lost in the coral grass of Padmanadi. When contacted, Shahinur Rahman, deputy director of the Manikganj Water Development Board, said he had visited the Padma River breach area. Here, G, A, bag preparation is going on again.

On 27/06/2021, this GA bag will be given up to 150 meters from the breakage area of ​​Kalikhola Padma in Kushiarchar. It is to be noted that roads and townships are located about 70 yards away from the river break area. The people of Harirampur Upazila travel to different parts of the country including Paturia and Faridpur by this road.

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