October 19, 2021, 1:24 pm

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51 Rohingya friends in Cox’s Bazar

Tahjibul Anam , Cox’s Bazar: The Rohingyas are getting an opportunity to include their names in the voters’ list as no legal action has been taken against 51 Rohingya-friendly persons sent to the administration in Cox’s Bazar by the Home Ministry.

Earlier, the list sent from the upper house contained the names of local MPs, chairman-members, political leaders and influential people, so the file sent to take action against the 51 Rohingya-friendly people has been suppressed.

How do Rohingyas get national identity card despite such strictures of Election Commission? This question belongs to the commission itself.

It is learned that several local brokers, including the old Rohingya leader, are involved in the issue of making Rohingyas national identity cards. The investigation team formed by the Election Commission is conducting an on-the-spot investigation against them.

According to sources, some of the Rohingyas who fled before 2016 have received national certificates in exchange for large sums of money. They have registered voters in different places. These Rohingyas are claiming to be Bangladeshi citizens.

As claimed by 10,000 Rohingyas with national certificates outside the camp. They have bought land in their own name and have been living as locals since the construction of the building. Locals are commenting that it is a threat to national security.

In 2016, after writing in various newspapers, the then Home Ministry investigated and submitted a list of 51 people to the district administration. According to the list, they were instructed to take action against them, but nothing happened. No further progress was made on that file.

According to sources, at least 10,000 Rohingya voters have been registered in Rumaliachhara, Tarabaniachhara, Pahartali, Peshkarpara, Kalatali, Samiti Para areas of Cox’s Bazar city. They have seized the national identity card.

According to several Rohingyas in Pahartali Burma Para and Jiangar areas, thousands of Rohingyas in Pahartali, Halimapara, Burmapara and Jiangar areas have got the opportunity to be included in the voter list through the activities of some local leaders. It is learned that Rohingya voters are getting the opportunity to be voters in the ongoing voter list update process.

Many have fled Cox’s Bazar and are going to the polls in different districts of the country, including Dhaka and Chittagong, said election officials.

According to sources, at least 200 Rohingya men and women have got married to locals in one union of Hnila in Teknaf upazila. Mohammad Selim, son of Syed Aham of Alikhali 6th ward of Hnila Union, is married to a Rohingya woman named Hasina of Camp 24. Besides, Mizanur Rahman, son of Nurul Alam of East Pankhali area of ​​Hnila 4th ward, has married a Rohingya woman from Jamtali camp.

Tasmina, daughter of Md. Hosan Fakir, a local woman from the same area, got married to a Rohingya youth who is now known as a Saudi expatriate.

Md. Russell, son of Dudumiya of Hnila 6th ward, has married a Rohingya girl named Pike Moni of Hnila 25th camp. Besides, Rafiq, son of Nur Mohammad of Ward 4, also married a Rohingya woman, Lutfur Rahman, son of Sultan Aham of West Pankhali of the same ward, Mohammad Russell, son of Dil Mohammad, Kamal Hossain, son of Haji Kala Miah of West Sikdar Para of Ward 5 and Abul Kalam of West Pankhali of Ward 8.

Alamgir, besides the local Amir Hossain Sarwar, there are many Rohingyas in the shelter. Rohingyas are scattered in different areas of Cox’s Bazar.

Not only newcomers but also old and previous Rohingyas are present in most parts of the district. Abdullah, son of Saiful Khalifa (Halima Para) Kamal Fakir, one of the first Rohingyas to come to Pahartali area of ​​the city and his extended family, Rahmat Ullah (Tomtom driver), one of his sons is currently a student of

Chittagong University and his wife is a voter from Maheshkhali Maulvi Nurul Hossain, Maulvi Ahmad Kabir (NGO Officer), Abul Hossain Petan, his brother Hasan, Nur Bahar’s husband Asad Ullah (Malaysian expatriate) Sattarghona, Jahed Hossain New

Bazar Pahartali, Shawkat Mistry, Sattarghona, Hafeez Ahmed (jail return) Sattarghona, also studying at the university anonymously as Rohingyas and NGO officials Aziz, Bahadur Mia, Halimapara, Shah Alam.

These Rohingyas again give Rohingyas the opportunity to study in Dhaka and Chittagong by collecting fake certificates and documents from different districts.

Their main patron is Rohingya Ibrahim who has already studied law from Chittagong Islamic University hiding his identity. Besides, Maulvi Farooq, Maulvi Nur Mohammad, Aji Ullah, Syed Amin, Hasim Ullah are roaming in Pahartali area as Rohingyas and are committing various misdeeds.

Also known as Zahir Haji, a well-known Rohingya from the greater Pahartali area, Bashir Majhi (now owner of a few shops), Arif Ullah, son of the late Habib Ullah of Pahartali Isulughona, Nur Mohammad, a yaba trad

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