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35 birds of two species of West Africa at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Sreepur

Abu Sayed, Sreepur (Gazipur): A total of 35 birds of two species of West Africa brought from Senegal have been brought to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. Of these, 30 birds are healthy. The birds have been kept in quarantine. The birds are brought to the park on Monday (September 11) day and night. Officer-in-charge of the park and Assistant Forest Conservator Tabibur Rahman confirmed the information.

Assistant Forest Conservator Tabibur Rahman said they got the birds through the Wildlife and Nature Conservation Unit of the Bangladesh Forest Department. Imported birds have been kept in quarantine inside the park to avoid the risk of germs.

He said an importer in Dhaka had recently imported more than 2,000 birds. Of these, 57 birds were not allowed to be unloaded at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport as they did not have no-objection certificate. About half of the birds died due to extreme heat and sudden adverse conditions while under the supervision of customs. However, 30 birds are healthy after being brought to the park.

According to park sources, the birds include the Western Plantain Eater and the Green Crested Turaco. The birds of the Western Plantain Eater breed in the open woodland habitat of tropical West Africa. They lay two or three eggs. Their tails are at least 50 cm long. Birds of this species eat mainly figs, seeds and other vegetable substances. They are very well known in West Africa.

The Green Crested Turaco is a tropical West African forest bird. These birds are bright green and blue. Wrap in red and white around the eyes. A large turaco is about 40-43 cm long and weighs 225-290 grams. Aguelo prefers to live in the rain forest.

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