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34 families overwhelmed by PM’s house in Matiranga’s Baranale

Khagrachari Correspondent: In Khagrachhari’s Matiranga Upazila, 34 families, overwhelmed by the Prime Minister’s gift house in the Asrayan-2 project in Baranal Union No. 3, are active in protesting against the burning of a circle.

People who have taken refuge in other people’s homes now have the opportunity to live in their own homes. The matter is like a dream to them.

On Monday (August 2) morning, there were no incidents of cracks or rising cement in the houses. The dream address of Baranal Union No. 3 of the upazila is the gift of the Prime Minister.

.So far no irregularities or problems have been observed in the houses constructed by the shelter project in this union.

Beneficiaries of this union are Mangsai Marma of Thaila Para, Apai Marma, Kamal Hossain of Takua Muslim Para, Alo Rani Chakma of Kadamtali, Headman Para.
Arpan Tripura, Rokeya
He said, “We are very happy to get the gift house of the Prime Minister as a place of refuge.” We thank our Prime Minister’s Gift House Chairman members for their clarity.

We are eternally grateful to the Prime Minister and all concerned for arranging a house for us.

Matiranga Upazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO) Raj Kumar Shil said, “I have visited the house of the Prime Minister’s Shelter Project. In Baranal Union No. 3, 34 houses have been allotted for the helpless and poor people. A supervisory officer has been appointed by the Upazila Nirbahi Officer for the construction of the house of the Prime Minister’s Asylum Project. There was no inconsistency in the houses of this union.

No. 3 Baranal Union Parishad Chairman. Ali Akbar said that out of 34 houses gifted by the Prime Minister in this union, 22 houses have been handed over to the beneficiaries. In the next few days, 12 houses are being worked on with transparency to make the beneficiaries understand.

He said a cycle is playing an active role in disrupting the ongoing house work.

This insidious mahal is trying to tarnish my image ahead of the election. I can challenge and say that there was no irregularity in my union. If I had committed irregularities, the people would not have elected me as chairman for 30 consecutive terms. I will not be able to discredit the Prime Minister and my country through corruption.

Some chakras have been constantly conspiring to remove me from the chair, but they have failed every time. This time I hope the people will stop all conspiracies and put me in the chair again.

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