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3 people died in Corona within an hour

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Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative:

In Habiganj, 3 people died of coronavirus within an hour. They died at the isolation center of Habiganj Sadar Hospital between 12 noon and 1 pm on Sunday (August 1).

Habiganj Civil Surgeon confirmed the matter. Mostafizur Rahman. The deceased were identified as Zahura, 45, wife of Dhanu Miah of Chilapanja village under Baniachang upazila and Amir Chan, 80, wife of Maqbul Hossain of Ulukandi village under Chunarughat upazila. Also Rajab Ali (70).

In the last 24 hours, 348 people have been identified in the district. In contrast to 792 sample tests, the detection rate was 43.9 percent. With this, the number of identified people in the district stands at 4,843.

Among the newly identified, 157 are in Sadar upazila, 64 in Chunarughat, 2 in Lakhai, 9 in Bahubale, 23 in Baniachang, 41 in Nabiganj, 49 in Madhabpur and 3 in Ajmiriganj.

Of the total identification, 2,500 people have recovered. Besides, 33 people died in the district due to corona.

Among the identified, 26 are in isolation of Habiganj Sadar Hospital. Besides, 32 people are admitted with symptoms. The rest are in home isolation. Meanwhile, panic is prevailing among the people of the district as 3 people died in one day in Corona. Many are not leaving the house without the need.

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