June 18, 2024, 9:20 pm
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Mother’s death at the hands of drug addict only one son

M Iqbal Hossain chattogram Bureau 245 Time View
Update : Monday, June 3, 2024

Under the direction of Pahartali police station OC Kepayet Ulla, A team of police station was able to arrest the murderer within an hour of the incident. According to police sources, the body has been sent to the morgue for post-mortem.

One after another heartbreaking incidents in the port city of Chittagong are leaving a mark on the minds of the people of Chittagong. These incidents are creating a frightening situation in the public mind. This last month, in the area under Pahartali police station, before the mother-murder by the daughter made headlines, the incident of mother-murder by the son took place again 2 june 2024 around Night 10:00
According to local sources, this brutal murder took place in a house on the north bank of Veluar Dighi under Pahartali police station.
Murderer Omar Farooq (23), only son of Reena Akhtar (50) and CNG autorickshaw driver Akhtar Hossain Hossain.

According to the husband of the deceased (Reena Akhtar), I do not want such a son, I demand that this son be hanged.

Reena Akhtar and Akhtar Hossain have been living in Chittagong for 40 years. Although the ancestral home is in Comilla, they has been living in Belal Mia’s rented house on the north bank of Veluar Dighi for seven years. When people were crowding in one place, Akhter Hossain went there and saw his own son in the hands of “Da”. People from behind kept saying that he had hacked his mother. He went to the bathroom and saw the dead body of his wife. He said he tried to get his son to work in different places but was not successful. I have given temporary job in railway. Driving license done. My son’s demand is that if I buy a car, I will drive it and not drive someone else’s car.

Are you did not know before  your son drug addict ir not..? Akter Hossain said in response to the reporter’s question whether he used to take drugs, he only asked for money from his mother because she could not pay him, so she may have killed her.

Murder’s father Akter Hossain said He doesn’t know when the only one boy who got involved in drugs. If his claim is not intoxicated, does someone killed his own mother..?

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