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Patia Upazila Election: Two wealthy candidates want to be the chairman

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Update : Monday, May 27, 2024


Rakib uddin, CTG

The third phase of Upazila Parishad elections is going to be held on May 29. Two candidates, Didarul Alam and Harunur Rashid, are contesting for the post of Chairman in Patia Upazila.

Although two people have different identities in the field of politics, these two candidates are also known faces in business circles.
Unlike Didar’s contracting, import-export business, Harun owns a salt refinery.

Both have immovable and immovable property worth several crores of rupees and earn crores of rupees annually from business. In addition to themselves, wives have also become owners of lakhs of rupees.

The review of the affidavit submitted to the Election Commission shows that Didarul Alam, the owner of M/s Royal Associates, has an annual income of Tk 5 crore 25 lakh 39 thousand 800 only from business. Wife’s annual income is 7 lakh 28 thousand 500 taka. Although two sons are engaged in studies, the income of the sons has been mentioned in the affidavit as Tk 4 lakh 95 thousand. Besides, another 1 lakh 25 thousand taka has been shown for other income in the name of wife.

Apart from the annual income, Didar owns mountains of wealth. This candidate, who is the joint general secretary of Chittagong Jubo League, has 36 lakh 72 thousand in cash and 3 lakh 5 thousand in the name of his wife. 20 lakhs in wife’s name against crores in bank in own name. There is another 6.5 lakh taka in the bank in the name of dependents. There is 3 lakh 6 thousand taka for prize bond in the name of son.

Didar rides in a jeep worth Tk 73 and a half lakh, while his wife rides in a private car worth Tk 35 lakh. He has 10 bhoris in his name and another 20 bhoris in the name of his wife. The candidate who was elected for the first time as upazila chairman has an agricultural land worth Tk 4 crore 21 lakh in Patia, a garage of 1547 square feet in Chittagong city, which is worth 33 lakh 28 thousand and a land worth 24 lakh 73 thousand in West Sholashar of the city. There is 2.69 khata land in Kalpalok residential. The price of which is about 44 lakh 55 thousand. He owns a 1320 square feet flat of Tk 39,67,000 in Dhaka’s Matijheel and a land of Tk 5,500,000 of 10,000 square feet in Panchlaish Thana area.

Against this wealth, Didarul Alam has shown a bank loan of 8 crore 63 lakh 78 thousand taka in his own name and another debt of 1 crore 73 lakh 38 thousand taka for the benefit of being the chairman of the organization.
On the other hand, Harunur Rashid owns 4 salt refineries. The annual income is about 2 crore 8 lakh taka. Of this, 2 crore 6 lakh 61 thousand comes from business, 1 lakh 62 thousand from shop and house rent and annual income from agriculture sector is 40 thousand. He also showed the income in the name of his wife. Wife earns 3 lakh 25 thousand taka per year.

Harun’s movable and immovable property is not less. Currently, he has 12 lakh 73 thousand taka in cash. On the contrary, the wife has another 1 lakh 67 thousand taka. About 13 lakhs in the bank in his name and 1 lakh 44 thousand in the name of his wife. 11 lakh 30 thousand rupees are invested in savings bonds or fixed deposits. Another 10 lakh 86 thousand taka is invested in the same sector in the name of the wife. He has a car worth 15 lakh rupees in his name. Only 2 bhors of gold are shown in his name but 40 bhors of gold are shown in his wife’s name.

Moreover, he has 62 centuries of agricultural land in his own name. The approximate value of which is shown is 6 lakh 31 thousand taka. The value of non-agricultural land in the 106th century is shown as 2 crore 58 lakh 90 thousand taka. There is 1 factory valued at 10 lakhs, 2360 square feet apartment, valued at 59 lakhs 56 thousand taka. Apart from this, he also has property of about 22 lakh rupees in partnership business. There is a bank loan of Tk 7 crore 87 lakh.
Apart from business, Harunur Rashid handled the responsibility of General Secretary of Upazila Awami League.

Both the candidates have claimed that they have a strong position in the election field despite raising various allegations against each other during the election campaign. If such a situation persists till the day of polling, the result will be in their favor in a contested election like them.

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