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Devil’s breath in Chittagong’s Doublemooring police station area, OC advises to be careful.

M Iqbal Hossain Chattogram Bureau 477 Time View
Update : Monday, May 27, 2024

OC Fazlul Quader Patwari of Double mooring police station warned the city dwellers about this through a Facebook post.

He said the devil’s breath is now in Chittagong. Beware of the mind-numbing poison devil’s breath.

At the touch of a lemon, he openly gave away money including gold ornaments. Later, when the devil’s breath stopped, he came to the police station and narrated these events. A smart team of Double mooring police station, under the direction of the officer-in-charge of Double mooring police station, was able to analyze the CCTV footage of the scene and arrest one of the criminal gang within twenty-four hours.

In this regard, OC Double mooring told Morning Glory’s CTG Bureau Chief in a telephone interview that the incident took place on 22/5/2024.
Although we identified three people, we were able to arrest only one, he said, a case has been filed under section 328 of the Act. Efforts are on to arrest the other two. He also said that woman named Fatema was almost mad, after 20 minutes she started telling herself that despite my reluctance I started giving everything to them.

How the OC describes the incident ——- A few days ago, in the morning, Fatema went to buy some kitchen-vegetables at Beparipara intersection under Double mooring Model Police Station. On the way back home with Kitchens-vegetable, two men came and said-
“Aunty, are there any poor people or families around your house? If so, we will help you with money. We are from Dhaka to help people. We give you money, you give it to the poor people in your area.”

As Fatima moved forward, 1 of the 2 people touched Fatima’s back with a lemon in her hand, when Fatima looked back after touching the lemon, the other person brought a lemon in front of Fatima’s nose and blew it. As soon as she blows her nose, Fatima’s knowledge becomes empty, her intelligence becomes null, she loses the ability to think for herself. Immediately, another person came to the place and said – “Aunty, you have earrings, chains on your neck, you open them and give them to us.”

Fatema, who lost her intellect, began to open her neck chain and earrings to the criminals. It seemed that the criminals were well-known acquaintances of Fatima.

Pedestrians and many people around were watching how Fatima was removing her earrings, necklace. People thought that they might be theirs.
maybe because of an urgent need, they were taking off their earrings and necklaces.
Pedestrians, local people did not understand that this group spreading the evil devil’s breath, was taking off the earrings, neck chains, and taking off the earrings and necklaces with something clever. Brainless Fatima also handed over the kitchen-vegetables    in her hand to these criminals.

The criminals took control of Fatema’s thinking power by spreading scopolamine near her nose. Fatema did what the criminals told her to do, losing her thinking power by the application of scopolamine. Some time after the incident, Fatema regained her intelligence and came to the police station along with her husband and children and reported the incident.

A vigilant team of the police arrived at the spot and analyzed the CCTV footage of a nearby building to find Fatema walking madly behind the criminals. It seems that Fatema has been bewitched, causing her to run madly, senseless, after the criminals. The police are left to understand that Scopolamine or Devil’s breath has been applied to Fatima’s nose.

This incident is spreading gradually, OC said that everyone should be careful from the devil’s breath while walking.

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