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The Ministry will implement the project but the responsibility of the District Commissioner  –  Prime Minister

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Update : Sunday, March 3, 2024


Desk Report I-24

Addressing the District administration, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, I will take the report of all the projects from you. Many ministries will work. But when the District Commissioner is there, all the responsibilities fall on him. He has to take responsibility for good and bad. Attention should be paid to whether the work is being done properly or not, whether it is being done at the right place or not, so that it does not happen everywhere. Roads-roads, bridges-bridges or any structure, school-college, mosque-madrasa-temple, whatever we do, all needs to be planned.

He said these things at the inaugural function of ‘District Administrators Conference 2024’ at Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday (March 3).

The head of government said that the project should be taken considering the extent to which the country will be financially prosperous and the socio-economic development of the people of that region. Only big projects and money, I don’t accept those projects. Many times the people we borrow from also come with big projects. But I always consider what is needed for the country, how much people will benefit from it, what will be the return.

He said, the implementation of the project is done by the ministry, but as the district commissioner, as the commissioner, it is taken from you while giving the land. So if you give the land, when you do everything, then why not monitor? So you have the right to monitor all the projects. You will do that.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that some businessmen want to steal profits by increasing prices by stocking up products in the month of Ramadan. Special attention should be paid to that. We always have to keep an eye on the market situation. Consumers should not be harassed anywhere. We need to increase the production of products in our country. Dependency should be reduced.

Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “This year’s election has been the most fair, free and impartial.”

Sheikh Hasina said, in fact, those who did not want elections, their aim was that there should be no elections in the country. In order not to create the undesired, abnormal situation again, which the people of the country have suffered for 21 years since August 15, 1975.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recalled the steps taken by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the reconstruction of independent Bangladesh. Along with that, after Bangabandhu’s family was killed on August 15, 1975, he returned to the country after going through many ups and downs, and he mentioned the formation of the government in 1996.

Sheikh Hasina, who came to government for the first time and took various development activities, said that since BNP came to power in 2001, it did not maintain the trend of development. If a government does not maintain continuity, development is not sustainable, it is not sustainable—that is a proven fact.

Returning to power in 2008, he said that Awami League won 233 seats out of 300 seats. BNP alliance got only 30 seats. We are grateful to the people. That’s why we hold discussions and seminars through sub-committees in every election manifesto and announce it following the instructions of the father of the nation. In every election we put forward a theme. We work for the development of the country by implementing that election manifesto.

The Prime Minister said, we have made the economic zone. Our youth goes around for jobs with two or four exams. We are encouraging them, various businesses, industries. The youth should be kept busy in these activities. Besides, they should be involved in various activities including sports competitions, cultural competitions.

Currently, the Russia-Ukraine war and the covid epidemic have affected the global economy. There are countries in the world where inflation is now at 40 percent. Bangladesh is not far from it; However, inflation in Bangladesh is still below 10 percent. Still, it remains a problem.

At this time, the Prime Minister thanked the District Administrators for the implementation and success of the shelter project.

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